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Speech delivered by President Tebboune at military parade kick-off ceremony

Published on : Tuesday, 05 July 2022 19:04   Read : 11 time(s)

ALGIERS-The President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, Abdelmadjid Tebboune delivered Tuesday an address at the kick-off ceremony of the military parade held by the People's National Army (ANP) on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Independence. Here is the APS translation of the full text:

"In the name of Allah, the Clement and the Merciful,

Prayer and peace Upon His Messenger,

On this great and memorable day, and in front of this impressive demonstration of an Algeria proud of its glories and faithful to its shouhada (martyrs), I congratulate the valiant Algerian people as we give an exceptional character to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Independence, at a time when "the contours of an Algeria confident in its future, with its institutions and constitutional bodies, are drawn.”

In front of this imposing demonstration, it is important to express the feelings of gratitude of the Algerian Nation to the shield of Algeria, our People's National Army, the worthy heir of the National Liberation Army, at the side of which, we witness with pride the great achievements and gains it has made.

These highly symbolic moments, when the Algerian people notice the high level of professionalism and mastery of military sciences and technologies reached by our powerful Army, also embody all the feelings of faithfulness to our Shouhada and the eternal message of November.

The Army "is in cohesion with the people, gaining in dignity and elevation, by the place it occupies in the heart of the Nation and by the patriotism and commitment of officers, soldiers and all personnel and affiliates of the Army," he continued.

I would like to salute the valiant soldiers stationed at the borders, the eagles that protect our airspace, and the heirs of the glorious Rais.

Whatever our level of responsibility, we are called upon in this challenging situation to contribute to the consolidation of the foundations of the state of institutions and rule of law, a state in which the spirit of citizenship and the values of solidarity will be enshrined.

Congratulations on this holiday that constitutes the flame of Glory in the sky of Algeria and the torch of pride on its pure land.

I officially announce the beginning of the military parade

Long live Algeria

Glory to our martyrs.

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Speech delivered by President Tebboune at military parade kick-off ceremony

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