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National dialogue forum: Meeting popular will through free, fair presidential election

Published on : Saturday, 06 July 2019 18:20   Read : 1 time(s)
National dialogue forum: Meeting popular will through free, fair presidential election

ALGIERS-Representatives of political parties, civil society, unions and national figures taking part in the national dialogue forum, held Saturday in Algiers, agreed on the need to meet people's will through a free and fair presidential election.”

The Forum, which brought together more than 500 participants at School of Hotel and Restaurant Management in Ain Benian (Algiers), was marked during the morning by the interventions of political party leaders, associations and organisations calling for the opening of a

"serious and serene" dialogue to return to the electoral process with a view to building a "new Algeria and introduce in-depth reforms.”

 President of Talaie El Hourriyet, Ali Benflis, welcomed the latest speech given by Head of State, Abdelkader Bensalah, stressing the need to open a "serene, organized and credible national dialogue under the aegis of unanimous national  figures.”

Benflis also called for "the creation of a national authority that will oversee the electoral process and the revision of the electoral system so that the presidential election can be organized within a reasonable time frame.”

                "It's high time to set a common vision for a successful and democratic transition,” said President of the Movement of the Society for Peace (MSP) Abderrezak Makri.

"Most actors are convinced that the establishment of democracy and the achievement of deep constitutional reforms will take place after the presidential election within a short and reasonable time frame,” he added.

       For Makri, it is "meaningless and undemocratic" to talk about a given Constituent Assembly for state reconstruction.

The long transition phases "have in most cases led to chaos," he warned, while welcoming the Head of State's invitation to dialogue.

Head of the Front for Justice and Development, Abdallah Djaballah, for his part, said that "young people are the strength of the nation and the hope for its future,” calling on them to "continue their hirak (popular movement) until their demands are met.”

        We must "agree on a common vision for the achievement of Algerian people’s legitimate demands,” he added, calling for measures to "restore confidence and promote healing through the release of prisoners of conscience.”

President of Jil Jadid party, Sofiane Djilali, said that Algeria "requires in-depth political reforms and a serious dialogue between political authority and society" to bring an end to the crisis in the country, calling for "the release of people who have been arrested during the popular

marches and those who were detained because of their statements.”

             He also called for "the change of the current Government and the departure of all symbols of the system.”

For his part, President of the Union of Democratic and Social Forces (UFDS), Nourreddine Bahbouh, called on the participants in this forum to "agree on a clear roadmap for a genuine democratic transition through deep reforms and the involvement of all.”

"This meeting will be followed by other meetings aimed at establishing the foundations of a democratic and social state and the achivement of popular legitimacy through a free and fair presidential election," he added.

         In the same respect, President of the El Bina Movement, Abdelkader Bengrina, called for a "serene and peaceful transition" of power, stressing the need to preserve national unity and strengthen cohesion between the people and the army.

For his part, Representative of civil society actors, trade unionist Sadek Dziri, called for the holding of an "inclusive national forum" to promote national unity and provide for the building of "a democratic, social, multi-party, civil and lawful Algeria.”

          "The civil society actors condemn the restriction of freedom of expression and demand the release of prisoners of conscience and hirak," he added.

Representative of the Intellectual hirak forum, Ammar Djidel, called, in his intervention, for a "non-exclusive dialogue consecrating national unity.”

Nearly eigteen interventions have been given by the participants during this forum.



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National dialogue forum: Meeting popular will through free, fair presidential election

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