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ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune has commended Sunday, in a meeting of the Council of ministers, the improvement in the internet speed since 2020, stressing the necessity of creating new international submarine cables for the connection to internet with the European countries, according to a communiqué of the Council of ministers.

TIPASA- Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Brahim Boumzar, said Monday from Tipasa that his department has increased the 2Mbs internet speed to 4 Mbs.

ALGIERS- The international bandwidth capacity in Algeria, with a capacity of 2.4 Terabits / second (Tbps), will be doubled during the year of 2021, announced the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

ALGIERS- Orval/Alval fiber optic submarine cable system, linking the national telecommunications network in Oran and Algiers to the European network, at the level of the Spanish city Valencia, is in "effective" use since 31 December 2020, the minister of the Post and Telecommunications, Brahim Boumzar, told APS on Tuesday.

ALGIERS-The mobile telephone operators in Algeria unanimously affirmed that the decision of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications on the release of new Internet frequencies was "a positive step" that would lead to "a palpable improvement in Internet speed in the coming weeks."

ALGIERS- Minister of Post and Telecommunications Brahim Boumzar launched, on Saturday evening, a pilot operation to extend FTTH (fiber to the home) network in the province of Algiers with a view to ensuring a stable and quality internet speed.

ALGIERS - The public mobile operator Mobilis has obtained a preliminary agreement for the provisional allocation of a global license (2G, 3G and 4G), announced Monday Minister of Post, Telecommunications, Technology and Digital Technology, Houda Imane Faraoun.

ORAN (Algeria) – The ORVAL / ALVAL fiber optic submarine cable system linking the national telecommunications network to the European network was commissioned Thursday from Oran (west of Algiers) by Chief Executive Officer of Algérie Télécom, Mohamed Anouar Benabdelwahab.

MEDEA- Minister of Post, Telecommunications, Technologies and Digital Technology Imane Houda Feraoun said Sunday, in Medea, that the entry into service of new internet links will increase the bandwidth in the country and reduce noticeably their disruption nationwide.


ALGIERS – The first tests for the commissioning of the Submarine Fiber Optic Cables will be executed during the last quarter of 2018, announced Monday Minister of Post, Telecommunication, Technologies and Digital Technology Houda Imene Faraoun.

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