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Covid-19: Series of measures to ensure availability of oxygen in hospitals

Published on : Friday, 30 July 2021 14:37   Read : 6 time(s)
Covid-19: Series of measures to ensure availability of oxygen in hospitals

ALGIERS-Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aimene Benabderrahmane said Thursday afternoon in Algiers that the state had taken "a series of measures" to ensure the availability of oxygen in hospitals and meet the growing demand due to the resurgence of contamination to the Covid-19.

"On the instructions of the President of the Republic, we have taken a series of measures to meet the growing demand for oxygen in various hospitals nationwide," the Prime Minister told the press.

Recalling that "the national production oscillates between 400,000 and 420,000 liters per day," the PM said that "the sharp increase in demand" for oxygen has led us to take decisions and measures to boost production.

The PM announced "the import of 15,000 oxygen concentrators, of which 1050 have already been received,” and 750 others will arrive tomorrow Friday.”

"Moreover, 2250 concentrators will be imported on 3-5 August while other shipments will be received in batches from August 10,” stated Benabderrahmane.

Algeria has placed an order for the acquisition of "10 units of oxygen production with a capacity of 20,000 and 40,000 liters that will be distributed to the largest hospitals with a view to alleviating pressure on hospitals.”

Benabderrahmane also reported an "urgent" measure to import "more than 160,000 liters of oxygen, in addition to other quantities.”

Hotel facilities will host patients so that they receive the necessary quantities of oxygen.

The Premier stressed that "the vastness of the national territory requires mechanisms to meet all needs in a timely manner, and a crisis unit has been set up at the Prime Ministry for this purpose.”

In addition, Benabderrahmane called on citizens to "respect the preventive measures, to get vaccinated and to show the highest degree of awareness.”

He also urged them “to avoid the panic that some social networks are trying to sow by disseminating false and unfounded information.”

Regarding the availability of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine, the Prime Minister said that Algeria had received "more than 9 million doses of vaccines", and announced that “9,200,000 doses will be acquired, in addition to 5 million others in September.”

“A vaccine production unit with a production capacity of 2.5 million doses in Constantine will be commissioned in mid-September,” announced Benabderrahmane.

Last modified on Friday, 30 July 2021 17:20
Covid-19: Series of measures to ensure availability of oxygen in hospitals

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