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Covid-19: Djerad chairs inter-ministerial council meeting on epidemiological situation

Published on : Sunday, 29 November 2020 20:15   Read : 8 time(s)
Covid-19: Djerad chairs inter-ministerial council meeting on epidemiological situation

ALGIERS- Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad chaired on Sunday an interministerial council meeting on the assessment of the epidemiological situation related to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic as well as the measures to be taken in anticipation of the purchase of Covid 19 vaccine, said a press release from the Prime Minister's services.

The meeting has been attended by the ministers of the interior, transport, health, hospital reform and pharmaceutical industry as well as the president of the National Health Security Agency.

The Premier and the participating officials examined "the evolution of the epidemiological situation relating to the Covid-19 as well as the appropriate health measures implemented in the hospital facilities and the mobilization of additional means and resources to cope with the recent surge in the number of patients,” the statement said.

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Moreover, the meeting discussed the "matter of Covid-19 vaccine, notably in the light of the progress achieved by a number of pharmaceutical laboratories in the vaccine manufacturing and trial phases," added the source.     

The Prime Minister recalled "the President of the Republic’s commitment to purchase as soon as possible the Covid-19 vaccine," while indicating that "the choice of the product, which is primarily the responsibility of the health authority, must imperatively guarantee quality and reliability, and be approved by the World Health Organization."

In addition, he stressed that this "is a matter of the highest priority for the public authorities, which will mobilize all financial means and materials."

Djerad has requested the "establishment of an operational mechanism in charge of preparing all logistical aspects related to the import of the vaccine as well as its storage and distribution."

As a result, two Task Forces were formed: The first one, chaired by the Health Minister is responsible for "proposing the vaccine purchase strategy, the vaccination plan to be implemented as well as the preparation of personnel and staffs to be deployed in the vaccination campaign".

The second Task Force, chaired by the Minister of the Interior, Local authorities and National Planning, is responsible for "preparing the logistical organization relating to the transport, storage and distribution of the vaccine,” the statement concluded.

Covid-19: Djerad chairs inter-ministerial council meeting on epidemiological situation

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