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Government determined to establish sustainable energy plan, says Djerad

Published on : Saturday, 28 November 2020 15:23   Read : 2 time(s)
Government determined to establish sustainable energy plan, says Djerad

ALGIERS- Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, stressed in a message published in the first annual report of the Commissariat for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CEREFE), the government's determination to establish a sustainable energy plan and lay the foundations for an energy transition adapted to national specificities.

"The government is determined to establish a sustainable and efficient energy plan, » said Djerad in the CEREFE report, entitled "Transition energy in Algeria: Lessons, state of play and perspectives for a accelerated development of renewable energies. »

Thus, "any action allowing an increased optimization of the internal consumption of energy would be encouraged as well as that which can contribute to extend the lifespan of our hydrocarbon reserves by diversifying the means of production of alternative energy, in particular based on renewable resources",  the Prime Minister said.

The volumes of gas and oil saved could, in that case, open up new prospects through an effective expansion of activities local petrochemicals, whose finished products have real outlets for the international market, added Djerad.

This conversion will be combined with the development of renewable energy, particularly through the solar component, which is fairly equally enjoyed by all regions of the national territory, which will "ensure more stable income for the country, which could then conduct its development policy serenely, far from certain external hazards.

The government will also encourage industrial activities related to the energy sector and adapted to the scale of SMEs, creating jobs and local wealth, and this, as part of a "scheme studied beforehand and aimed at reducing regional disparities," said Djerad.

The government thus expects "significant savings" on domestic energy consumption "in the short term" in transport, particularly through public incentives to increase the use of LPG/C and CNG gas, and in housing, industry, public lighting, water resources and agriculture.

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In addition, the government is already committed to laying the foundations for an energy transition adapted to national specificities, by mobilizing all the potential of the country that can lead to a real achievement of the goals set,"  added the PM.

In this context, "great importance" is given to the training and qualification of human resources, research and innovation.

Thus, It is essential to mobilize, without delay, the necessary financial support, with the aim of accelerating the deployment of renewable energies and diversifying their use in all sectors of activity, creating wealth and sustainable jobs.

This approach will be accompanied by structural transformations in the socio-economic environment by removing all barriers and other bureaucratic behaviors that have prevailed until now, he added.

The Prime Minister hence deems "inescapable," for the future of the country, these energy changes which are necessary to "integrate the universal dynamic that is needed in the field and thus bequeath a heritage on which future generations can count."

The government's action plan for the implementation of the program of the President of the Republic had from the outset placed the energy transition at the heart of the country's development policies, according to "the triptych of an economic renewal based on food security, the energy transition and the digital economy ," he recalled.

In this context, he stressed the need to "break with the infernal cycle of chronic dependence on the outside world in terms of the real mastery of universal knowledge and its applications in the field, the innovative technical concepts that result from it, and finally the organic progress that accompanies it."

Created and placed under the authority of the Prime Minister in 2019, CEREFE is a public institution in charge of developing medium- and long-term forecasting instruments in order to anticipate major energy changes and contribute to the definition of the main orientations of the national policy for the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

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Government determined to establish sustainable energy plan, says Djerad

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