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Need for framework law to better fight against counterfeiting

Published on : Monday, 24 June 2019 19:52   Read : 1 time(s)
Need for framework law to better fight against counterfeiting

ALGIERS- The elaboration of one framework law which encompasses all the provisions for the repression of counterfeiting is an "absolute necessity" to better fight against this scourge, said Monday in Algiers the Commerce Ministry’s director of cooperation and special investigations Kaci Dounia.

Speaking at the 5th International Symposium on Counterfeiting in Algeria, organized by the World Trade Center Algiers (WTCA), in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and the Directorate General of Customs (DGD), Kaci said that the elaboration of "a framework law "to combat the phenomenon of counterfeiting would enable the various players to better coordinate their actions.

A cross-sectoral coordination framework among the various State ministries must be created with the "active" participation of professional associations, so to elaborate a database to enable a "combined response," she explained.

The official also called for the "creation, under the competent jurisdictions, of specialized sections which would be entrusted with ruling on infringements and offenses", as well as "training counterfeiting control officers."

The role of associations in raising consumers’ awareness about the risks arising from the use of counterfeit products on health, safety and employment is also "essential," she said.

 Regarding the Commerce ministry role, Kaci explained that the market or border control services "are not really empowered to fight against counterfeiting."

However, these services can combat such infringements as part of the consumer protection and fraud fight activities."

According to her, the Ministry of Commerce is nevertheless entitled to take legal action to stop the act of counterfeiting, following a request of the owner of the intellectual property right.

Speaking about the factors encouraging counterfeiting in Algeria, she cited the lack of professionalism and the absence of serious control system.

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Need for framework law to better fight against counterfeiting

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