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AIN TEMOUCHENT-Secretary General of the High Commission for Amazighity (HCA) Si El Hachemi Assad announced Tuesday that 106 literary works meeting conditions would compete for the first edition of the Prize of the President of the Republic for Amazigh Literature and Language.
ALGIERS-The novel "Scene of Fishing in Algeria" written by novelist and academic Mohamed Magani has recently been translated and published in Italy, announced the author.
ALGIERS- Twenty craftsmen from various Algerian towns are displaying their products in an exhibition and sale opened Sunday, in Algiers, in the presence of Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum and the minister of Tourism, Handicraft and Family Work, Mohamed Hamidou.
CONSTANTINE (Algeria)- The rehearsal of the new play "Faking," produced by Mohamed Tahar Fergani Regional Theater of Constantine (431-km east of Algiers) was performed Saturday, without audience, except for some artists and journalists due to the Covid-19 pandemics.
ALGIERS- Artist painter Merouane Kreddia unveiled on Saturday in Algiers his first individual exhibition entitled "Algiers the blue "which celebrates the sea in all its aspects and the city of Algiers from different points of view with a research work on the nuances of blue.
ALGIERS- Algerian cultural heritage will be marked by the new addition, on behalf of four Maghreb countries, of couscous to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, but also by the interruption of all activity in museums and a shift to virtual activities imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

First “Tlemcen Art Photo 2020” kicks off

Thursday, 24 December 2020 19:03
TLEMCEN- The first edition of the photographic cultural event “Tlemcen Art Photo (TAF) 2020” kicked off Thursday at the arts center “Abdelkader Alloula,” in the presence of large public.

Writer Mouloud Achour passes away

Thursday, 24 December 2020 14:17
ALGIERS-The writer, journalist and teacher Mouloud Achour on Thursday passed away at the age of 76 years, announced Casbah Editions.
KHENCHELA (Algeria)- Algerian documentary "Anamil Etaine" (Clay Fingers) has won the gold award of the first Arab Festival of Heritage Film, held in Egypt, the documentary movie maker, Hichem Remadeni, said Monday.

Algerian films on Carthage Film Days' program

Wednesday, 16 December 2020 19:07
TUNIS- Several Algerian films, short films and documentaries are on the program of the 31st Carthage Film Day, scheduled from 18 to 23 December in Tunis without official competition, the organizers announced.

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