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Mediterranean Theatre Days opens in Oran

Thursday, 30 June 2022 13:59
ORAN (Algeria)- The first Mediterranean Theatre Days opened Wednesday evening in Abdelkader Alloula regional theatre of Oran, with the participation of troupes of five Mediterranean countries, coinciding with the 19th Mediterranean Games (MG Oran 2022).
ORAN- Austrian group “Travel Diaries,” which performed at the opening of the 22nd European Music Festival, captivated the audience through a series of electric music passages.
ORAN- Minister of Culture and Arts Soraya Mouloudji kicked off Sunday, at "Abdelkader Alloula" Regional Theater in Oran, the 13th local cultural festival of music of Oran, in the presence of local authorities and members of the cultural family.
ALGIERS- Minister of Mujahideen and Rightsholders, Laïd Rebiga, announced, Wednesday in Algiers, the opening of a mega epic show under the theme "Ala Fachehadou" ( be a witness!) at the Opera of Algiers Boualem Bessaïh.
ALGIERS - Exhibitions, music concerts and literary and poetic meetings, led by Algerian artists and writers, are on the program of the Algerian Cultural Days in Irbid (north of the Jordanian capital Amman), scheduled for June 22 and 23, as part of the celebrations of "Ibrid, Capital of Arab Culture 2022".

Algerian cultural days in Jordan's Irbid

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 19:47
ALGIERS- Exhibitions, musical concerts and literary and poetry gatherings, led by Algerian artists and writers, are scheduled for the Algerian Cultural Days in Irbid, in the north of Amman, Jordan, on June 22 and 23, as part of the celebrations of "Ibrid, Capital of Arab Culture 2022."
ALGIERS- A rich cultural and artistic programme, comprising plays, music and dance performances, plastic arts exhibitions as well as the screening of cinematographic works, will accompany the Mediterranean Games that will be held from 25 June to 6 July in Oran, according to the Ministry of Culture and Arts.
ALGIERS-The Algerian writer, journalist, and university teacher, Dr. Abdelaziz Boubakir, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 65, announced the deceased’s family.
ALGIERS-An exhibition of photos taken by Jason Oddy, revisiting the architectural works designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in Algeria in the late 1960s, opened Monday in Algiers.
ALGIERS- Minister of Culture and Arts Soraya Mouloudji chaired Tuesday, in Algiers, the prize-awarding ceremony of contests for children launched lately by the National Algerian Theatre (TNA) Mahieddine Bachtarzi on the occasion of the International Day of the African Child, celebrated on 16 June.

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