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President Tebboune’s visit to Egypt: Strengthening historical relations, partnership

Published on : Monday, 24 January 2022 08:41   Read : 156 time(s)
President Tebboune’s visit to Egypt: Strengthening historical relations, partnership

ALGIERS- The working and fraternal visit that President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune will pay as from Monday to Egypt will enable strengthening the historical and political relations between the two countries, promoting the bilateral cooperation and continuing the coordination and dialogue on the main Arab and regional issues of common interest.

The Algeria-Egyptian relations are experiencing a momentum thanks to the exchange of visit between the two countries’ officials, the most recent is that paid last week to Egypt by Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad Ramtane Lamamra, in his capacity as the personal envoy of the President of the Republic.   

Previously, Lieutenant General Said Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, headed also for Cairo, in his capacity as representative of President of the Republic, commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, minister of the National Defense, to take part in the 2nd Fair on Defense “EDEX-2021.”

Marked by coordination and consultations, the relations between the two countries are a model of cooperation and solidarity between the Arab and African countries, as demonstrated by the ongoing contacts between the leaders of the two countries to discuss the latest developments of the situation at the Arab and regional levels, notably concerning the Libyan crisis, the Palestinian issues, the preparations for the next Arab Summit and the promotion of the joint Arab action.

In this respect, the consultations between Algeria and Egypt on the Libyan issue are underway since the beginning of the crisis in order to reach an inter-Libyan political solution leading to an end of the transitional phase and the election of a legitimate direction.   

Elections that will preserve Libya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, by keeping away any interference that only aggravates the situation, notably with the presence of foreign forces.

On the sidelines of the 8th high-level seminar on peace and security in Africa, held in December in Oran, Egyptian Deputy Minister for African Organizations Souha El Djoundi affirmed that “the role of Algeria, which is a respected country and whose voice is heard within the African Union, is very important and based on a clear vision.”

The Algerian-Egyptian historical relations, with their Arab depth and African dimension, have risen in recent years to a level reflecting the two countries’ weight at the Arab and African levels.

As regards the Egyptian-Sudanese dispute on one hand, and the Ethiopian on the other hand, over the Renaissance dam, Algeria has initiated mediation between the three sides to bring their viewpoints closer and to reach a solution to this crisis.

At the economic level, this visit will constitute an opportunity to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides in the different sectors, especially as the leaders of the two countries are working to raise the economic cooperation to the level of the political and historical relations between the two sides.

This two-day visit will enable the two sides to boost the investments between the two countries, by giving a strong impetus to trade exchanges that have increased in the past few years, exceeding USD747 million in 2020, according the figures given by the Ministry of Trade.

Algeria’s exports to Egypt reached USD188.04 million in 2020 against USD559.55 million for imports.

Algeria intends to strengthen the bilateral commercial relations and the economic cooperation through the joint high committee between the two countries, which will hold its meeting soon, according to the statements of Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad Ramtane Lamamra during his visit to Egypt last week, in his capacity as personal envoy of President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune.




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President Tebboune’s visit to Egypt: Strengthening historical relations, partnership

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