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Algeria's attachment to settlement of Memory question, a "position of principle"

Published on : Friday, 07 May 2021 18:51   Read : 2 time(s)
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Algeria's attachment to settlement of Memory question, a "position of principle"

ALGIERS- Algeria's attachment to a complete settlement of the Memory question, which must lead to definitive recognition, by France, of its crimes against the Algerian people, repentance and fair compensation is a "position of principle," Minister of Communication, Government Spokesman Ammar Belhimer said on Friday.

On the occasion of the celebration, for the first time in the history of independent Algeria, of the National Day of Memory, marking the 76th anniversary of the massacres of May 8, 1945, Belhimer said in a message that "Algeria remains attached to the complete settlement of the memory question."

Algeria's efforts in this direction "are starting to yield fruit," he said.

The settlement must lead to "the official, definitive and total recognition by France of its crimes, -qualified by Macron himself as crimes against humanity-, repentance and fair compensation," he said.

It must also take into account the impacts of nuclear explosions, the handing over of maps on these explosions waste landfill locations, described by Algerian and French experts and historians as the worst crimes committed in Algeria, added the Government spokesperson.

"We are aware that the lobbies hostile to Algeria, in France and elsewhere will continue to exert pressure by all means to hinder the process of the memory question, but we will remain attached to our position of principle with regard to this question, which has the support of all the Algerians: citizens, officials, historians, experts, civil society organizations and media."

A television channel dedicated to Memory has been launched in 2020 on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious National Liberation War.

He affirmed that the efforts made in this respect reflect "the political will based on the preservation of the nation’s unity," underlining the declaration made by President of the Republic in which he pointed out that “Our history will always remain at the forefront of the concerns of the new Algeria and its youths, a history that we cannot omit, under no circumstances, from our foreign relations.”

In this regard, he cited “the modest achievements” made by Algeria, but with “great moral values,” like the recovery of the skulls of the heroes of the national Resistance, the lifting of the secret-defense on the classified archives and the recognition by France of the torture and assassination of the symbols of the national liberation war.

Belhimer underscored that the slogan “the memory rejects oblivion” retained for the celebration of this occasion “sums up Algeria’s unchanging position aimed at demanding from France to fully assume its responsibilities in the crimes that left millions of victims during 132 years of barbaric colonialism.”

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Algeria's attachment to settlement of Memory question, a "position of principle"

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