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President Tebboune chairs Ministers Council meeting

Published on : Sunday, 03 January 2021 21:42   Read : 23 time(s)
President Tebboune chairs Ministers Council meeting

ALGIERS- President of the Republic, commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces and minister of National Defense, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, chaired Sunday a meeting of the Council of Ministers assessing the performance of the different ministerial departments in 2020.

The president of the Republic said the ministerial performance of 2020 "ranges from positive to negative."

In an address, at the meeting, Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad made a comprehensive presentation on the performance of the government over the past year.

He gave instructions to activate the sectors that have a direct impact on citizens' daily life, and reach the top speed by the beginning of 2021.

Djerad emphasized the tangible progress made in the priority sectors, such as the pharmaceutical industry and startups, in addition to support for young people's employment.

At the end of the prime minister's presentation, the president of the Republic provided guidelines in relation to various sectors.

In the Interior Affairs and Local Authorities, he expressed his dissatisfaction with some provincial governors' management of grey areas, stressing the need to separate local development programmes, stressing some positive initiatives like water and gas supplies through reservoirs in some border areas.

In the financial sector, the President of the Republic said the banking system needs to be reviewed, through inspection work at the level of all banks, especially with regard to transparency in the granting of loans.

President Tebboune also ordered the acceleration of digitization of the Customs sector, in order to address overbilling and absorb the money used in the parallel market. 

In Higher Education and Scientific Research Sector, the President of the Republic emphasized the imperative of achieving the independence of each university and the shift towards a fruitful partnership and twinning with foreign universities.

He also called for increased cooperation between national universities and their foreign counterparts, by adopting an approach making of the University a driver for the national economy through innovation and applied research.

In the cultural sector, President Tebboune stressed the need to address the shortcomings in the film industry, which has not yet reached the stage of economic resources, generating thousands of jobs to contribute to the recovery of the national economy.

In the digital and statistics sector, the president of the Republic called for the acceleration of the process of digitization of the various sensitive sectors of economic importance, mainly taxes and the Customs, to ensure that public authorities have the tools they need to implement and assess their policies.

In the National Solidarity sector, President Tebboune called on the Government to increase its efforts to strengthen the various mechanisms dedicated to housewives, to encourage them to get involved in the national production process.




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President Tebboune chairs Ministers Council meeting

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