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President Tebboune announces complete overhaul of national healthcare system

Published on : Monday, 13 April 2020 20:55   Read : 0 time(s)
President Tebboune announces complete overhaul of national healthcare system

ALGIERS - President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune said on Monday in Algiers, that the national healthcare system will be reviewed and the working conditions of the sector’s professionals will be improved, hailing their efforts in confronting the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to doctors at the Internal Medicine Wing of Beni Messous University Hospital, the President pledged to review the national healthcare system and improve the working conditions of health sector professionals, commending the great efforts they are making to combat the coronavirus pandemic amid the huge difficulties they are facing.

President of the Republic said that the working conditions and wage grid of doctors will be reviewed, adding that the top priority is overcome difficulties.


Situation is "under control," says President Tebboune


President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune said Monday in Algiers that the "situation is under control" in Algeria, regarding the coronavirus pandemic, welcoming the determination and the efforts of all the parties involved in the fight and prevention of Covid -19.

"We are confronting this pandemic with faith, determination and the combined efforts of all the parties," declared President Tebboune during his visit to Beni Messous University Hospital Center.

President Tebboune also praised the "considerable" efforts of health personnel to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and commended "the spirit of solidarity of the Algerian people in these difficult circumstances our country is experiencing.

Such a spirit marks "a new start for Algeria," he added.

At the Central Pharmacy of Hospitals (PCH), the Head of the State called for providing the entire national territory with medical equipment and protection means against the coronavirus.

"We must send medical equipment and means of prevention to every single part of the national territory, especially the most remote areas and the South," he said, adding that "even if these regions have not recorded a significant number of confirmed cases of coronavirus, precaution and prevention measures are crucial."

In this regard, President Tebboune instructed Deputy Minister for the Pharmaceutical Industry to "mobilize all means of the public authorities, notably planes, to transport medical equipment as quickly as possible".

Inquiring about the stored quantities of Chloroquine drug, used in the treatment of Covid-19, the President of the Republic listened to explanations on this produced locally drug, which "quantity is sufficient for 230,000 patients."

In response to a question from President Tebboune on the national production of this drug, PCH officials affirmed that Algeria "is working to increase its production to one million boxes once the raw material ordered from India is received."



President Tebboune announces complete overhaul of national healthcare system

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