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Djerad: Guiding Algeria towards "new" era, Government’s main challenge

Published on : Tuesday, 11 February 2020 19:45   Read : 0 time(s)
Djerad: Guiding Algeria towards "new" era, Government’s main challenge

ALGIERS – One of the main challenges facing the Government is ending the "difficult" political and economic situation Algeria is experiencing currently and embarking in a new era where the people "regain confidence" in their institutions, Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad said on Tuesday.

The Government is looking to "work with all the political and social forces as well as with the national elites both inside and outside the country, to bring Algeria out of this difficult political and economic situation and guide it towards a new era where the people will regain confidence in the institutions of the State," underlined Djerad who presented the government's action plan to the members of the National People's Assembly (Lower House).

 This challenge can be achieved only through deep political and socio-economic reforms which will allow Algeria to overcome its crisis, he added.

 The reforms, contained in the President’s programme, aim at moralizing the political life, making the economic action more efficient and correcting social disparities."

 Affirming that the Government will advocate dialogue with those who do not share its opinions and orientations, Djerad said that "our history has taught us that Algeria has been built by all its children, without exclusion."

This approach “would hoist our country to be an emerging country. Thus, the numerous structured actions will mark the birth of the new Republic founded on equality before the law and credible discourse. In this Republic, the citizen is sovereign," pointed out the Premier.

 Broaching the main lines of the Government's action plan, Djerad emphasized on "building a new Algeria" through an "effective democracy and reformed electoral system."

 In his presentation of the Government’s action plan, he also mentioned "the consolidation of democratic freedoms" through strengthening the freedoms of assembly and demonstration, and the promotion of a civil society, free from all administrative restrictions" to become a genuine counterweight alongside media.

 The Government's action plan, the first since the presidential election, is destined to "consolidate national unity through the promotion and protection of the components of national identity, namely Islam, Arabity and Tamazight.”

 "A new, rigorous and transparent mode of governance will be adopted in order to moralize the political life, through a fierce fight against corruption and nepotism, which implies the revision of the legal system with a view to strengthening the mechanisms for recovering embezzled public funds and imposing harsher monetary sanctions in the cases of corruption and money laundering,” he detailed

 We need to “reconsider the advantages (in terms of justice)", conferred on a number of senior state officials, in order to truly apply the principle of equality before the law. Transparency of public action will also be strengthened by prevention and control mechanisms, the stake being to ensure loyalty of public officials and right management of public funds," concluded Djerad.           

Last modified on Tuesday, 11 February 2020 20:27
Djerad: Guiding Algeria towards "new" era, Government’s main challenge

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