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Gaid Salah: Senior officials have "intentionally conspired" against Algeria

Published on : Tuesday, 24 September 2019 16:40   Read : 7 time(s)
Gaid Salah: Senior officials have "intentionally conspired" against Algeria

ALGIERS - Individuals, having held senior positions of management within State’s various institutions "have intentionally conspired against Algeria," said Tuesday in Tindouf, Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the National People’s Army (ANP), quoted by a Defence Ministry communiqué.

"Unfortunately, history repeats itself. In fact, like there was a small group who betrayed the oath of our Glorious Revolution brave men, there are individuals, from this generation, who have held senior positions of management within State institutions and have intentionally conspired against the country with enemies, without regard for it," said the Army chief, on a working and inspection visit to the 3rd Military Region in Béchar.

"Attempting to destroy what have been built thanks to the efforts of loyal men, their dreadful acts have become betrayal in the moment when their homeland needed them," added Lieutenant General.

Ahmed Gaid Salah also "broached the various issues of interest to the public, recalling that the Algerian people who have peacefully expressed their legitimate demands, have only been supported by the military institution and its Command which has succeeded, with perspicacity and wisdom, to safeguard the cohesion of State’s institutions and ensure their proper functioning," said the same source.

“The peace and security, in which our country lives today, have not been attained without pain. They are the result of a comprehensive vision that the High Command of the Army has endorsed and successfully implemented. This vision has demonstrated the commitment of the Army, the worthy heir to the Army of National Liberation (ALN), to fulfil its immense and noble responsibilities, in accordance with its constitutional missions."

"However,” the Army chief said, “we saw in recent days that some parties relentlessly continue to repeat biased slogans.

Regardless of those slogans, the Army command maintained its consistent positions that it has no political ambition but serving Algeria and its people."

"The credibility of this position was confirmed with the installation of the National Independent Authority for Elections, which has already begun the effective preparation of the elections," he concluded.


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Gaid Salah: Senior officials have "intentionally conspired" against Algeria

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