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Bensalah convenes electoral body for presidential election on December 12

Published on : Sunday, 15 September 2019 19:47   Read : 1 time(s)
Bensalah convenes electoral body for presidential election on December 12

ALGIERS- Head of State Abdelkader Bensalah on Sunday convened the electoral body for the presidential election, set to be held on December 12th.  

Bensalah, in an address to the nation, said that "in line with his constitutional prerogatives, he has decided to set the date of the presidential election for 12 December 2019," noting that "it's time for everybody to put the higher interests of the nation above any other considerations," as this is about the future of our country and our children."

"In accordance with the constitutional and legislative provisions," the head of State said he signed today, Sunday, a presidential decree convening the electoral body.

Bensalah called for "mobilization to make this event a starting point for our State's renovation process, to work jointly and effectively to make a success of this election as it will allow our people to vote for a new president meeting the legality requirements."

The new president, he added, "will guide the destiny of the country and fulfil the aspirations of our people."

The head of State stressed the importance of the presidential election, dubbing it a "unique opportunity" that is likely to build confidence in the country and pave the way for a promising period, in which our people may live a real democracy and a new reality.

Bensalah called Algerian citizens to participate, on December 12th, in building their country's history by making a good choice in the presidential election, for a better future, which had been the dream of their forefathers and fathers as well as their children's today."

In addition, the head of State said the two laws on the national independent authority for elections and the electoral system "have brought important, unprecedented, radical changes to the electoral process in our country."

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The changes "come as a straight answer to the sceptics and as a response to the legitimate aspirations of our people for it will allow them to choose freely the president they want to lead the change and meet all their demands."

Those steps, Bensalah stressed, "show that the State is determined to go forward in carrying out the systematic change aspired by the Algerian people, "through the fight against corruption and impunity and the normal function of institutions through free and fair elections."

"Those gains and this positive development could not have been achieved without the extensive coordination between the various public institutions, the head of State said, expressing "appreciation and gratitude" to the members of the People's National Army, especially its high command, for the sincere and ongoing efforts to preserve the constitutional way and their commitment to accompanying our people on the path of change, favoring dialogue and insisting on the presidential election as a strategic goal."

Bensalah said the presidential election is "the only democratic viable solution," reiterating his commitment to "meeting all the conditions necessary for a free, fair and transparent presidential election."




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Bensalah convenes electoral body for presidential election on December 12

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