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Dialogue panel efforts to enable Algeria to hold election

Published on : Monday, 09 September 2019 21:26   Read : 0 time(s)
Dialogue panel efforts to enable Algeria to hold election

ALGIERS- The efforts made by the National Panel for Dialogue and Mediation are likely to "enable Algeria to engage in the electoral process in a climate of national consensus" and thus hold a free and fair elections, Head of State Abdelkader Bensalah said on Monday.

"Since I took office as head of the State, in the conditions known to all, I have committed to working in accordance with the Constitution, privileging the path of inclusive and constructive dialogue, with all the forces and actors of the society in order to overcome the current situation," said the Head of State in his opening address of the Council of the Ministers meeting.

"I have challenged the collective intelligence and patriotism of Algerians to adhere to this approach, aiming at creating the conditions to accelerate the organization of a free, transparent and credible presidential election, regarded as the only solution capable of enshrining the authority of the State and its institutions. Such a solution is also likely to help Algerian address its economic difficulties, social challenges and threats to its national security in a complex and unstable regional and international environment," said Bensalah.

 The process of dialogue, supervised by an independent national body composed of personalities, "loyal to their motherland", under the direction of Karim Younes, has yielded "fruitful results and important proposals, gathered in a report I received yesterday (Sunday)," said the Head of the State.

This report, he said, "encompasses the conclusions of the Panel members’ meetings with 23 political parties and 5670 representatives of national and local associations, in addition to personalities and national figures."

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 "I would like to welcome the huge efforts made by the National Panel for Dialogue and Mediation, which, for me, constitutes a crucial stage in the political process which will enable Algeria to engage the electoral process, in a national consensual climate, and hold a fair and transparent election to achieve the Algerian people aspirations, namely change and building a country for all the Algerians," he said.

 "Such positive evolution could not have been achieved without a perfect coordination and steady consultations among the Directorates and the State institutions, which allowed establishing the appropriate foundations for the organization of the presidential election," he said.

 In this regard, the Head of the State said that the "most important conclusions found by the Panel, and which are an addition to the State’s efforts to develop the conditions for the holding of presidential election, concern the amendment of the law on the electoral system and the creation of a National Independent  Authority for Election Organization. These conclusions and recommendations are shared views of most politicians and associations leaders."

 In the same context, Bensalah also praised "the vigilance and high sense of patriotism of our brave National Army (ANP), a worthy successor to the Glorious National Liberation Army (ALN). He also paid tribute to the military institution for its sustained efforts in preserving the constitutional path and the good functioning of the State institutions, and ensuring security and stability, supported in its noble missions, by the various security services."

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Dialogue panel efforts to enable Algeria to hold election

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