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Education sector ready for end-of-year exams, says Benghabrit

Published on : Sunday, 06 January 2019 16:05   Read : 0 time(s)
Education sector ready for end-of-year exams, says Benghabrit

ALGIERS-Education Minister, Nouria Benghabrit said Sunday that “everything is ready” for the end-of-year exams, which concern 812,056 primary school students, 630,728 middle-school exam students and 674,120 baccalaureate examinees.

The minister welcomed the “professional” work made by the National Office of Examinations and Contests (ONEC), which drafted “several manuals,” and stressed that “the Ministry is enhancing the performance of this body by providing it with the necessary equipment and tools.”

Speaking about the reform of the baccalaureate exam, Benghabrit said that her department’s work, in collaboration with social partners, “is definitely not a reform but a reorganization of the exam, which will be in force as of 2021 with exams lasting 3 days and half.”

Free examinees "will be trained remotely.”

In the same vein, the minister “the high school education system will be reorganized this year.”

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In addition, Benghabrit assured that the student assessments "will improve performance and curb the deficiencies witnessed in the first term, particularly in science subjects and foreign languages."

The improvement of the quality of education "primarily requires training,” said the Minister, who also underlined the importance of developing the national strategic plan for management and training.

Benghabrit recalled that her ministerial department had initially trained inspectors who "are at the forefront of the teaching scene,” prepared training manuals for teachers and provided them with "a number of didactic tools that deal with the main difficulties identified during assessments.”

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Education sector ready for end-of-year exams, says Benghabrit

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