Update of import ban list: Explanations of trade ministry

Sunday 27 May 2018 - 18:14
 ALGIERS- The goods which have been recently included in the import ban system do not constitute a new list. They rather update the first list published in January 2018, said Sunday the Trade Ministry in a communiqué.

Nearly 600,000 pupils to take middle school exam from Monday

Sun 27 May 2018 - 14:20
ALGIERS- Nearly 600,000 pupils will sit, as from Monday, for the middle school exam (BEM) nationwide.

Over 4,600 inmates to sit for middle school exam from Monday

Sun 27 May 2018 - 16:33
ALGIERS- More than 4,600 inmates will take, as from Monday, the middle school exam (BEM) in 43 prisons approved by the Ministry of National Education as official exam centres, said Sunday the Ministry of Justice in a communiqué.

New law on health entrenches citizens’ right to healthcare

Sun 27 May 2018 - 16:25
ALGIERS-Minister of Health, the Population and Hospital Reform Mokhtar Hasbellaoui on Sunday affirmed that the law on Health attached “great importance” to the protection of citizens’ health and entrenched the right to healthcare as a “fundamental…