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ALGIERS- The public operator Express mail service (EMS) is ranked, out of 198 countries, first in Africa and the Arab world and 16th worldwide, according to a recent report of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications announced Sunday in a statement.

ALGIERS-The mobile telephone operators in Algeria unanimously affirmed that the decision of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications on the release of new Internet frequencies was "a positive step" that would lead to "a palpable improvement in Internet speed in the coming weeks."

ALGIERS- The minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Pr. Abderrahmane Benbouzid, has reaffirmed the authorities' commitment to ensure health safety of the population, through an economic approach aimed at promoting the sector.

ALGIERS- Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Brahim Boumzar, announced on Monday in Algiers a reduction by Algérie Télécom, of up to 50%, of its very high speed Internet ADSL, and the launch of the Young Entrepreneurs' Pack at an "attractive" price.

ALGIERS- More than 50 million protective masks intended for the general public were produced between June 20 and August 1, said Wednesday in Algiers Minister of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Abderrahmane Lotfi Djamel Benbahmed.

ALGIERS- Minister of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Lotfi Benbahmed, announced Tuesday in Algiers that the Pharmaceutical Group, SAIDAL, has started the production of more quantities of Hydroxychloroquine, intended for the treatment of people suffering from Coronavirus.

ALGIERS-Sixty-nine (69) doctors and paramedics died from the novel coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and 4,025 have been contaminated, announced the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform in a report.  

ALGIERS-President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Sunday ordered "deep" reforms of university services, notably transport and accommodation, in addition to the opening of post-graduate courses to all students.

ALGIERS- Director of Local Structures at the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Dr. Faouzi Benachenhou reported a drop in the occupancy rate of hospital and intensive care beds, destined to cases with Covid-19, following a slight decrease in infections in the last few days.

ALGIERS- Spokesman of the Scientific  Committee in  charge of Evaluating the Covid-19 pandemic, Djamel Fourar, said on Monday that Algeria is working to be among the first countries to obtain the Coronavirus vaccine.