Health bill: Free medical care, red line not to be crossed

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Health bill: Free medical care, red line not to be crossed

ALGIERS- The new bill on helath “provides for very important measures for citizens” and “enshrines free medical care which is a red line,” said Wednesday the head of health, social affairs, labour and vocational training committee of the People’s National Assembly Mohamed Bouabdallah.

Health committee’s members continue examining the provisions of the new health bill which “comprises 470 articles, including 143 have been examined up to now by listening to all the sectors’ players (trade unions, professors, patients’ associations) before submitting the bill to the members of the Parliament,” Bouabdallah told APS.

The health bill “enshrines free medical care which is a red line for the Algerian State” and “comprises new very important measures for citizens,” he underlined, citing “the single medical file for each patient which is part of the modernization of the working mechanism of the health system” and the establishment of a “referral physician” in villages and districts in order to alleviate pressure on hospital services and ensure a good treatment for patients.

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The bill also provides for the elaboration of a medical card spreading out the hospitals per region and population, which will allow defining the needs of each province in doctors and medical equipment to ensure homogenous health coverage.

The bill will govern the activities of the clinics of medically assisted procreation and in vitro fertilization “which are not currently working in a clearly defined legal framework.” Uniform rules will be implemented to protect the people concerned by in vitro fertilization.”  

The aforementioned bill provides for a new regulation in organ transplantation, said Bouabdallah, affirming that the health committee will be listening to the “views of religious personalities and bodies concerning the different aspects of this issue.”

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Drafting a law on health is henceforth an “imperative,” “the law in force which dates back to 1985 is outdated,” he added, dubbing “positive” the new law as it provides for measures adapted to the developments in the world.

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Health bill: Free medical care, red line not to be crossed