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Algeria Press Service

Current exchange rate Algerian Dinar| 04/12/2016

USD 1$ in 108,91 in 115.56
EUR 1€ in 116.21 in 126.06


JPY 100¥ in 95.51 in 101.35
GBP in 137.54   145.98





10/12/2016 11:53

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Moussa Touati for "National charter" of development









ALGIERS- The National Algerian Front (FNA), which president Moussa Touati is running for presidential election of 17 April 2014, aspires to set up a "National Charter" which would constitute a "reference" for all the country's institutional and development policy.

In its electoral platform, the FNA has called on associating all Algerians without exclusion in the development of this Charter, considering that it "devotes the people's sovereignty" and allow citizens to freely express "their choices."

The option of the National Charter is the "most appropriate way" to preserve peace and security in the country, as mentioned in the party program, noting that security remains "priority" for the FNA.

Through this National Charter, the party also aims to "enshrine" the principle of alternation of power by peaceful means within the framework of compliance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic with an "ultimate goal" to build a "plural society guaranteeing citizens' right to difference and freedom of expression."

The party also calls for a parliamentary system allowing people to exercise their sovereignty through their elected representatives and rehabilitate the same elected institutions.

On the economic front, Moussa Touati aspires to build a social economy that will reduce inequalities between different categories of society.

for the FNA, its platform is inspired from the Declaration of 1st November 1954, which must remain a "reference for the edification of a modern Algeria and democratic and social

sociéty, in line with the principles of Islam."

Through the 1st November Declaration, the FNA aims at "restoring the citizen confidence, fighting against corruption and preserving the public resources."

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