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ALGIERS- President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who chaired on Sunday a Council of Ministers meeting instructed the Government to promote the sectors of industry, commerce and agriculture, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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ALGIERS- Algeria reported over the last 24 hours one hundred and twenty-seven (127) new confirmed cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19), while 199 patients recovered and 7 others died,

ALGIERS- The average annual inflation rate in Algeria reached 1.8% in April, the same rate recorded over the last two months (February-March 2020), the National Office of Statistics said Sunday.

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ALGIERS - The crimes perpetrated by the French police against peaceful Algerian demonstrators on October 17, 1961 in Paris, remain to this day, one of the largest massacres of civilians committed in Europe in the 20th century, according to academics, researchers and historians.

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NOUAKCHOTT (Mauritania)- Yemenite diplomat and former ambassador to Malaysia, Dr. Hussein Bahamid Al-Hadrami, said "Morocco has no sovereignty over Western Sahara, according to the resolutions of the United Nations and the International Court of Justice in the Hague."

 Speaking to the Mauritanian news website "Nouadhibou News," Dr. Hussein Bahamid Al-Hadrami said "as far as Western Sahara is concerned, it is enough to know that the United Nations and the International Court of Justice in the Hague recognize them (Saharawi liberation movement leaders), who are among the founders of the African Union."

"If Western Sahara was a Moroccan territory, Morocco would not have agreed to share it with Mauritania, at the beginning of the occupation, before Mauritanians withdrew from (the territory sharing agreement), and the Morocco regime would not have suggested autonomy (for the territory)," the Yemeni diplomat said.

The former ambassador said "Moroccan regime would not have rejected the referendum (on self-determination) if it was convinced that Western Sahara was a Moroccan territory."

"The occupation (of Western Sahara) continues because of French support, as well as that of Moroccan Jewish diaspora in Israel."

"Where were you when the Saharawi people were fighting alone against the Spaniards before the unfortunate Madrid conference, which was similar to the Balfour Declaration?" the Yemenite diplomat asked, addressing the defenders of occupation and colonialism.

"Spain delivered to you the territory of Western Sahara as a punishment for the Saharawi people, and in exchange for 35% of Western Sahara's mineral revenues, the right to exploit its sea forever and for giving up claim to the territories of Ceuta and Melilla (in the north of Morocco)."

Dr. Bahamid Al-Hadrami recalled that "Mustafa El Sayed El Wali had contacted Allal El-Fassi requesting Morocco’s support to Western Sahara people in their struggle against Spanish occupation," but "El-Fassi refused so as not to be hostile to the Spaniards," he stressed.



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ALGIERS- A total of 140 new confirmed Covid-19 cases, 148 recoveries and seven deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours in Algeria, said Thursday, in Algiers, the spokesman of the scientific committee for monitoring the progress of coronavirus pandemic Djamel Fourar.

ALGIERS- President of the Independent National Authority for Elections (ANIE), Mohamed Charfi, said Wednesday that Algeria had adopted the principle of "the health of the citizen above all" to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, stressing the importance of a "national consensus" on a possible postponement of elections because of this pandemic.

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ALGIERS- A total of 160 new confirmed cases coronavirus, 211 recoveries and six deaths have been recorded over the past 24 hours in Algeria, said Wednesday in Algiers the spokesman of the scientific committee for monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr Djamel Fourar said Wednesday in Algiers.

ALIGERS- Algeria regrets the non-completion of the UN-sponsored peace process on Western Sahara, mainly since the resignation, in May 2019, of Horst Kohler, the personal envoy of the UN chief, calling for "genuine efforts" to achieve the decolonization of the territory.

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ALGIERS- One hundred and ninety-seven new cases of the coronavirus, 169 recoveries and nine deaths have been reported over the last 24 hours in Algeria, the spokesman of the scientific committee on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, Djamel Fourar, said Monday in Algiers.