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Finance bill 2019 to be brought to Parliament "in the weeks to come"

Published on : Tuesday, 23 October 2018 08:45   Read : 44 time(s)
Finance bill 2019 to be brought to Parliament "in the weeks to come"

ALGIERS- Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia on Monday in Algiers announced that the Finance Bill 2019 will be brought to the People’s National Assembly (Lower House- APN) "in the weeks to come."

Following the two-hour meeting with the heads of the political parties forming the parliamentary majority, Ouyahia said that the meeting falls within the framework of "the coordination and dialogue between the parties which support programme of the President of the Republic." It mainly discussed the Finance Bill 2019 which will be debated by the members of the Lower House "in the weeks to come."

All the details about the bill "are contained in the communiqué of the Council of Ministers, which met three weeks ago. The Communiqué fully explains the bill," added the Premier.

This meeting was attended by General Secretary of the National Liberation Front (FLN) party Djamel Ould Abbès, President of the Tadjamoue Amal Al Djazair (Gathering for Algeria hope) party (TAJ) Ammar Ghoul, President of the Algerian Popular Movement (MPA) Amara Ben Younès, Executive at the National Democratic Gathering party (RND) Seddik Chihab, representative of the Group of Independents Kada Kadri, besides the Heads of these Parties’ parliamentary groups at the Lower House.

In this regard, Ould Abbès welcomed this meeting which has become “a tradition to discuss the Finance Bill with the Prime Minister and the parties supporting the President of the Republic.”

The FLN party "supports the Finance Bill 2019 in all conviction."

The FLN party leader also welcomed the content of this bill, which doesn’t impose new taxed, maintains social transfers to the vulnerable categories and contains new measures likely to boost development and youth employment in the South region.

All these decisions "are consistent with the principles defended by the FLN party," he added.

In this context, Ghoul commended the Finance Bill because it "strengthens the social dimension of the Algerian state."  

Ghoul said that the TAJ party has presented some proposals to enrich this bill, aiming at "stimulating local development, creating employment, diversifying the national economy and building a non-hydrocarbon economy".

President of the MPA, Amara Benyounes affirmed that this meeting was intended to "better coordinate actions and prepare for the debate on the Finance Bill which requires coordination between the parliamentary groups of these political parties."

For his part, Seddik Chihab said that the bill is part of the instructions of the President of the Republic, aimed at preserving the social dimension character of the Algerian state despite the financial difficulties, stressing that this bill contains measures "which will streamline budget and reduce shortages."

The representative of the Group of Independents welcomed the meeting, highlighting the support of the Independent Deputies to the bill notably as "its measures directly impact the citizens."

A plenary session is planned to be held next Wednesday, on the election of a new Speaker of the Lower House of the Parliament, replacing Said Bouhadja.

Previously, a report of the Lower House's Committee on Legal, Administrative and Liberties Affairs on the vacancy of Speaker position was adopted. 

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Finance bill 2019 to be brought to Parliament "in the weeks to come"