Targeted subsidies: Benmeradi for payment means ensuring traceability

Published on : Monday, 05 February 2018 14:34   Read : 818 time(s)
Targeted subsidies: Benmeradi for payment means ensuring traceability

ALGIERS – The Ministry of Commerce recommend, as part of a targeted subsidies system for households, the use of a payment means that ensure both traceability and safety,  such as cheque, Minister Mohamed Benmeradi said in an interview to APS.

Asked about the methods for identifying the families in need and- that would benefit from the targeted subsidies-, the minister said that a national record of the needy individuals  will be elaborated in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, the National Social Security Fund (CNAS) and the Provincial Directorates for the Social Action (DAS).

"The subsidies will be directly granted to the concerned individuals. The beneficiaries will be classified by category and the amount of the subsidy will vary according to households’ income. The concerned households will receive a monthly cheque," detailed Benmeradi.  

   The matter of subsidies "is the biggest dossier on the table of the Government," he said, stressing that "this reform aims at ending the generalized subsidy system and shift towards a targeted one."

 Moreover, and when questioned about a possible increase in bread price, as demanded by the bakers, the minister affirmed that the "bread is a very sensitive dossier" and the "State has not the intention to change the bread price." He however admitted that today "we share the bakers’ view that the profit margin is very small and we need to find a solution."

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In this regard, he announced that the ministry has elaborated solutions which will be shortly examined.

For instance, the minister mentioned the use of the wholemeal flour, which will enable bakers to maintain their margin profits by raising their current production per quintal by 20%.

If this technical solution will be approved, the decree on the crushing will be reviewed.

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Targeted subsidies: Benmeradi for payment means ensuring traceability