SMARA (Sahrawi refugee camps)-The first day of the festivities celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) wrapped up Sunday evening with the screening of a movie aimed at raising the awareness of the local and international opinion about the current situation of Sahrawi refugees.
GHARDAIA (Algeria)- Three new rock art places dating back to the prehistoric era have been discovered recently and in Berriane, Ghardaia (600-km south of Algiers), the province's Culture Department told APS.
TIZI OUZOU-Culture Minister Azzeddine Mihoubi on Saturday underlined his department’s commitment to encouraging Amazigh cinema production to achieve professionalism.
CAIRO- Arab Women Organization announced that it will erect a statue in Cairo (Egypt) of the Algerian war veteran Djamila Bouhired, adding that a film and a book relating her militant path will be produced, according to the Egyptian media.
ASSOUAN (Egypt)- The second Aswan International Women Film Festival, in Egypt, paid in the opening ceremony, on Tuesday, a tribute to Algerian Djamila Bouhired, a symbol of anti-colonial struggle.

LEMMA musical band on French tour

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 11:30
BECHAR (Algeria)- The troupe LEMMA of Bechar will be on an artistic tour through many French cities in the last half of March, for the first time since its creation, members of the women's musical troupe said Tuesday.
ALGIERS-Over 40,000 cultural properties have been recovered in the last five years in Algeria, Culture Minister Azzedine Mihoubi announced Sunday.
ORAN- The Operetta "El Fadjr oua El Miksala" (The dawn and the guillotine), dedicated to the memory of Shaheed (War martyr) Ahmed Zabana, will be presented Sunday, at Oran’s Abdelkader Alloula regional theatre, as part of the events programmed for the celebration of National Shaheed Day, on 18 February, said the province’s department of culture.
TLEMCEN - An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by painter Ahmed Mebarki is being organized until 28 February in the "Abdelhalim Hamch" Gallery, located in the "Abdelkader Alloula" Culture Centre.
MADRID (Spain)- Sixteen Spanish artists from the Canary Islands are holding an exhibition entitled "The Exiled, to Shed Light on Western Sahara Cause," displaying the suffering endured by the population forced into exile for more than 42 years.