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ALGIERS-Algerian painter Roshdi Bessaih is holding a painting exhibition revisiting the figurative universe of Italian painter Amadeo Modigliani (1884-1920) with a contemporary touch and a shimmering palette.

Documentary “Nar” wraps up 10th FICA

Sunday, 17 November 2019 13:10
ALGIERS- Meriem Achour Bouakkaz’s “Nar” (Fire), a documentary exploring the extreme violence of immolation through stories of survivors was screened Saturday, in Algiers, at the wrap up of the International Film Festival of Algiers (10th FICA).

Japan’s cultural week opens in Algiers

Friday, 15 November 2019 12:01
ALGIERS-The 3rd edition of Japan’s cultural week was inaugurated on Thursday in Algiers, with rich exhibitions on Japanese gastronomy, Ikebana (the art of bringing flowers to life) and Origami.
ALGIERS- Spanish feature-length movie "Yuli" and Egyptian "Karma" were shown Wednesday in Algiers, as part of the 10th International Film Festival of Algiers (FICA).
ALGIERS- Feature film “Autumn Landscapes,” a thriller where police and journalistic investigations on murder and prostitution cases intermingled, latest work of filmmaker Merzak Alloauche, was previewed Tuesday in Algiers.
ALGIERS-Three short films, dealing with violent extremism and terrorism, were screened Monday evening in Algiers before a large audience of film buffs.
ALGIERS- Documentary feature film “The Other Side of Everything,” a portrait of Serbian activist and academic Srbijanka Turajlic and her family with a focus on her career during the 1990’s, directed by Serbian Mila Turajlic, was screened Sunday at Ibn Zeydoun movie theatre.
ALGIERS- The 10th International Cultural Festival of Contemporary Dance (Fcidc) opened Saturday evening, in Algiers, with performances led by ballerinas and dancers from Algeria, Russia, guest of honour, and Portugal.
ALGIERS- The 24th International Book Fair of Algiers (SILA 2019) has received, until Friday evening 1.150 million visitors, said Saturday in Algiers, the Commissioner of SILA fair, Mohamed Iguerb.
ALGIERS- Animated film "Wardi - The Tower," a Norwegian Mats Grorud's fiction about life in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and their daily struggle for survival with the hope of return to the homeland, was screened Thursday evening in Algiers as part of the International Film Festival of Algiers (FICA).