PARIS (France)- Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said Thursday, in Paris, in front of the Algerian community in France that there still are “insufficiencies” in development, noting that Algeria “has made progress” in this regard.
ALGIERS- The “alleged rejection” by the deputies of the People’s National Assembly of an amendment on the general use of Tamazight language has proven to be “a hoax skilfully orchestrated to exploit it for purposes against the ideals of Tamazight, a common basis of all the Algerians, said Thursday the Secretary General of the High Commission for Amazighity (HCA) Si El Hachemi Assad.
PARIS (France)- Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said Thursday, in Paris (France), that the president of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika is “doing well,” and “runs the country well.”
PARIS (France)- Algeria makes “significant” efforts for security in the Sahel region said Thursday, in Paris, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, underlining that Algeria has “constitutional barriers” that prevent it from taking military actions beyond its borders.
ALGIERS- The statements of French President Emmanuel Macron on the memory issue were a "positive initiative," said Thursday in Algiers Minister of Mujahideen (Liberation War veterans) Tayeb Zitouni.

Fourth CIHN has a “particular dimension”

Thursday, 07 December 2017 17:24
ALGIERS- Prime minister Ahmed Ouyahia said Thursday, in Paris that the 4th session of the Algerian-French High Level Inter-governmental Committee (CIHN) takes on “a particular dimension” to strengthen the exceptional partnership between the two countries, while welcoming the results made during the year 2017 in bilateral cooperation.

Medelci takes part in Venice Commission

Thursday, 07 December 2017 15:14
ALGIERS- The president of the Constitutional Council Mourad Medelci will participate, starting from Thursday, in the works of the 113th session of the European Commission for Democracy through Law, also known as the Venice Commission said the Constitutional Council in a communiqué.
ALGIERS- The works of the 24th session of the Ministerial Council of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe opened Thursday, in Vienna under Austrian chairmanship and with the participation of the 57 State members of the OSCE, and the 11 Asian and Mediterranean partner countries including Algeria, said the ministry of foreign Affairs in a communiqué.
ALGIERS- A terrorist surrendered Thursday morning to the military authorities of Tamanrasset, possessing a Siminov semi-automatic rifle and a quantity of munitions, said a communiqué of the National Defence Ministry.

Ouyahia holds talks with French counterpart

Thursday, 07 December 2017 12:40
PARIS-Premier Ahmed Ouyahia held talks Thursday in Paris with his French counterpart Edouard Philippe shortly before the beginning of the 4th Algerian-French high-level intergovernmental Committee (CIHN), which will be co-chaired by both countries’ Premiers.