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Amended Constitution "to complete process of building national state," says Djerad

Published on : Wednesday, 28 October 2020 09:03   Read : 0 time(s)
Amended Constitution "to complete process of building national state," says Djerad

ALGIERS – The amended Constitution "will complete the process of building a national State," Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad said Tuesday in Algiers, voicing his confidence that the Algerian people "will endorse this draft amendment which,” according to him, “responds to their aspirations."

In a statement delivered during a meeting with Algiers’ Civil Society players held in the Houari-Boumediene University of Sciences and Technologies, Djerad added that "1 November 2020 will be exceptional compared to the previous years," as "it represents the symbolic date of 1954 which will eternally remain an example of courage, sacrifice, resistance and fight against oppression and despotism, to be followed by several peoples."

 November 1, 2020, added the Prime Minister, "is a new milestone for us to tell the world that we belong to a nation of glories, deeds and sacrifices," underlining that "November Constitution marks the stages of our people’s struggle until the new Republic."

 This draft amendment of the Constitution "reflects the resistance of our nation against attempts to attack our national identity (Islam, Arab and Tamazight) and constitutionalized the popular blessed movement Hirak which ended a corrupt system and was a source of pride," added the Prime Minister.

 "The Constitution of 2020 safeguards the nation from fitna (discord), violence, extremism, hate speech, discrimination, and reflects the values of dialogue, reconciliation and fraternity," he said, recalling that this amendment was among the 54 commitments of the President of the Republic during his electoral campaign, to "build a new Republic the people demanded in February 22 demonstrations."

Speaking about the rights of women, the Premier reassured that this Constitution "strengthens the rights and the place of women, and guarantees equal chances for success.”

It would also enable women to hold senior positions within various bodies and institutions, and protect them from all forms of violence."

 The new Constitution provides for "the protection of children and the Elderly and the support of all the disadvantaged categories and people with specific needs", just as "it rehabilitates the members of the national community and experts abroad, by giving them the opportunity to participate in the country’s construction process," he detailed

 Prime Minister Abdelaziz Dejrad expressed confidence that "the Algerian people will give, as usual, their support to the draft amendment of the Constitution which responds to their aspirations" and November 1, 2020 will be "a date witnessing the willingness of our people to overcome challenges and face upheavals."

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Amended Constitution "to complete process of building national state," says Djerad

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