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Belhimer: Public media must be "thouroughly" reorganized

Published on : Sunday, 12 July 2020 14:56   Read : 7 time(s)
Belhimer: Public media must be "thouroughly" reorganized

ALGIERS- Minister of Communication, Government Spokesman, Ammar Belhimer called on the public audiovisual and written for a thorough the reorganization, following the new requirements that imply their modernisation and transformation into digital  offering a variety of products.

"The public audiovisual and written media are going to be profoundly reorganized," the minister said in an interview with the daily La Sentinelle.

"This necessary evolution is perfectly in line with the will and vision of the President of the Republic," he added. 

"President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, promised to fully invest himself for the advent of a free and independent press, respectful of the rules of professionalism, ethics and deontology, established as a vehicle for the democratic exercise and protected from any form of abuse," said Belhimer. 

Asked about a restructuring project for public communication groups, Belhimer said that "there is no question yet of a new project."

"It is currently a question of appointing new DGs and CEOs of companies in the economic communication sector. They are responsible for cleaning up companies which are currently based on structural, financial and human imbalances and which are accumulating deficits of all kinds," said the Government Spokesman. 

"Once cleaned up, these companies should diversify and produce wealth so that they no longer have to depend on the budget of the Ministry of Communication or on ANEP's providential manna, which keeps the six public newspapers under permanent financial infusion," he said. 

"In the meantime, public advertising will continue to constitute the bulk of state aid to the national press as a whole," he added.

The minister also announced the reactivation of the Press Aid Fund, which was frozen in 2015.

Regarding the digital media reform project, he said that "a regulatory text, and not a law, will be promulgated on the digital press, whose de facto existence we want to legalise, in order to enable it to benefit legally from advertising and any other form of public aid to the press," saying that "the comments and other recommendations of professionals have been taken into account as a whole.

Asked about the reports of overruns by offshore TV channels, Belhimer said the Audiovisual Press Regulatory Authority (ARAV) and the Ministry of Communication had been forced to react on more than one occasion to call some offshore TV channels to order and urge them to respect ethics, the law, privacy and personal honour.


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Belhimer: Public media must be "thouroughly" reorganized