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President Tebboune pledges to “face lobbies targeting ANP through desperate campaigns”

Published on : Tuesday, 02 June 2020 19:23   Read : 4 time(s)
President Tebboune pledges to “face lobbies targeting ANP through desperate campaigns”

ALGIERS-President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, Abdelmadjid Tebboune said Tuesday in Algiers that he "will face the lobbies targeting the People’s National Army (ANP) with desperate campaigns.”

"The constant national position of the ANP, a worthy heir to the National Liberation Army (ALN), disturbs Algeria's hateful and envious enemies hiding behind lobbies, prisoners of a past forever, known for their ramifications and instruments. I pledge to face them," Tebboune said in a speech at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense before executives and staff of the Army, followed by video conference by the commanders of the forces, the six military regions, divisions and Higher Schools throughout the national territory.

“It is not surprising that they are relentless in their hysterical campaigns to attack your morale because they are unable to learn the lessons of the past, otherwise they would have understood that these desperate campaigns against the worthy heiress of the ALN, no matter how diversified their artifices and tricks are, will only strengthen the support of our people to their Army,” he continued.

In this regard, he said that "this is the profound meaning of the slogan +Djeich Chaab khawa khawa+ (Army and people are brothers) chanted by millions of voices throughout the national territory for weeks in full view of the whole world to save the country from the uncertain fate to which it was doomed and engage it in an era of hope and trust.”

Army’s "valiant" units have confirmed that their place is always at the side of the people, he said.

"Yesterday, you proved it by standing on the side of the blessed Hirak (popular movement) for the building of a new Republic whose foundations are being laid under the banner of the Declaration of 1 November 1954," President Tebboune told the Army staff.

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“Today, you prove it, again, by your vigilance to watch over the borders and the security of the country as well as by your constant availability to work with the health sector to contain the Covid-19 pandemic,” said President Tebboune.

Recalling that this is his second meeting, in less than four months, with the executives and staff of the ANP, the President of the Republic said he wished to "perpetuate this commendable tradition between the Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces and the executives of the ANP, worthy heiress of the ALN."

Referring to the steps taken to modernize the Armed Forces, the President of the Republic said he had followed with "pride and respect" the military exercises executed by various units.

"We have seen, through the main operational indicators, the results of the plan drawn up to modernize the capabilities of our Armed Forces and raise their level of professionalism in the world and in the region, as well as their commitment to the consolidation of peace and security throughout the world," stated the Head of State.

In this regard, President Tebboune said he was convinced that "the promotion of military industries, as a strategic option, is just as crucial as the building of a strong and diversified national economy with a view to protecting the sovereignty, constants and values of the Nation, and strengthening of the cohesion of its children.”

In conclusion, the President of the Republic paid a heartfelt tribute to the "brave protectors, units of the ANP stationed both at the borders to confront terrorist organizations and in the mountains to counter all those who would be tempted to harm the stability of the country.”

"They carry their lives on their shoulders to be, by their exemplary military ethics and their unshakeable determination, the best heirs of their elders," affirmed President Tebboune.

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President Tebboune pledges to “face lobbies targeting ANP through desperate campaigns”