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Libya crisis settlement: Algeria can be an "impartial" arbitrator

Published on : Thursday, 20 February 2020 21:16   Read : 386 time(s)
Libya crisis settlement: Algeria can be an "impartial" arbitrator

ALGIERS  -  President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune expressed his optimism with the settlement of the Libyan crisis, adding that Algeria "can assume the role of impartial arbitrator" as part of the approach and bring together the Libyan warring parties.

During his periodical meeting with national media, President Tebboune said: "personally, I am optimistic about the settlement of the Libyan crisis, and this for the reasons mentioned by the Libyans themselves who expressed confidence in Algeria."

 Recalling the known position of Algeria towards this crisis, Tebboune said: "our role in the settlement in the Libyan crisis is a sincere approach, without expansionist, economic or commercial aims," affirming that the "most important for Algeria, is to help the Libyan people who helped the Algerians during the National Liberation War …, protect our borders from any dangerous deviations and relaunch later the edification of the Arab Maghreb."

All the Libyan protagonists "are in favor" of Algeria contribution to the process of resolving the crisis in Libya, said Tebboune, revealing that "some of them, and in both camps, said that apart from Algeria, they don't trust other parties."

Stressing that it is difficult today to stop a war "by proxy", the President of the Republic referred to some "complex" causes making that "the problem is not between Libyans, but lies in the foreign presence in Libya."

President Tebboune further explained that his optimism by the fact that all the actors in Libya "are brothers or friends," affirming that Algeria maintains good relations with Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Turkey and is therefore capable of bringing all parties together and being an "impartial" arbitrator.

 For President Tebboune, the third point in our approach to the crisis resolution "is the will of Algeria to make the Libyans profit from our bitter experience of division, tragedy and blood experienced during a period in our history," stressing that "there is no solution apart from dialogue, tolerance and harmony between belligerents."

"Today, a precious opportunity is offered after all the strong tribes in Libya - ready to come to Algeria - have accepted the contribution of Algeria to the settlement of the crisis" in this country, said President Tebboune, adding "we want to repeat the experience of Mali in Libya by encouraging of the creation of a National Transition Council in Libya and the institutions of transition able to lead to real legislative elections allowing the designation of a government by Parliament ..."

"The important thing is to put an end to the killings of Libyans with sophisticated weapons from abroad and by those left by the former regime and distributed in the Sahel," he said.

 "Libya is today the scene of an ideological and expansionist conflict of interest," said President Tebboune, adding that "the Libyans now wish to live free in their country and take advantage of its wealth".

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Libya crisis settlement: Algeria can be an "impartial" arbitrator