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President Tebboune calls Hirak salutary phenomenon, warns against any infiltration attempt

Published on : Thursday, 20 February 2020 16:46   Read : 102 time(s)
President Tebboune calls Hirak salutary phenomenon, warns against any infiltration attempt

ALGIERS-Hirak (popular movement), of which the first anniversary would be celebrated Friday by Algerians, is a “salutary phenomenon,” assured Thursday President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune who warned against any “attempt at internal or external infiltration.”


During a periodic meeting with national media, President Tebboune said that he sealed “a decree enshrining 22 February a national holiday named +the National Day of Fraternity and Cohesion between the people and their Army for democracy” stressing that “this holiday, of which the presidential decree will be published on the Official Gazette, will be celebrated every year.”

Reaffirming that the “blessed Hirak has preserved the country from a total demolition,” President Tebboune said that “the national state has all most collapsed as was the case in some countries which today seek mediations to settle their problems.”  

“The collapse of the national state is synonym for the demolition of all its institutions and all the indicators pointed to such a scenario. Thanks to their maturity, the people thwarted the plot by fulfilling many of their claims,” said the president.

As regards the remaining demands of the Hirak, “we are working on them because I personally committed to meeting them.”

In this regard, Tebboune recalled the emphasize during the Government-walis (governors) meeting on the need “to change the management method and to improve the piteous image of the State he had, which, in fact, was very far from his concerns.”   

In response to a question about citizens who continue to demonstrate every week, the president of the Republic said that “this is their right and it is even the foundation of democracy, a fortiori when it comes to people demonstrating in an organised manner, without destruction or disturbance.”

"Hirak is a salutary phenomenon and I have nothing to reproach it because it has spared the country a disaster and without it, offices would be, today, underway to resolve the crisis in Algeria as is the case in Libya,” said President Tebboune.      

"I call on my children, who demonstrate on Fridays, to be vigilant against the infiltration of their movement because there are signs of infiltration both from inside and outside,” warned the head of state.

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In response to a question about the coincidence of the first anniversary of the Hirak with protest movements in certain sectors, the President of the Republic said that "the succession of strikes in important sectors at a precise timing is neither a healthy phenomenon nor a trade union practice.”

Regarding the strike in the education sector, Tebboune said "I have constantly expressed my consideration and respect for teachers, especially during my election campaign. I also demand a review of everything related to teachers to give them their rightful place in society.”

However, he considered that "the announcement of a national strike, when the government was not even installed and did not yet have the green light from Parliament, is not the solution to the problem, a solution that needs time and material, financial and organizational means.”

The school "is already suffering and has not yet solved the problems of catering, school transport and heating,” said President Tebboune, affirming that these strikes "are not innocent and are the work of unregistered trade unions.”

Referring to strikes that "tarnish the image of the country, harm citizens and hamper their business", like the strike by the flight crew of the national airline Air Algérie, the President of the Republic criticized "those who call for strikes by SMS half an hour in advance.”

"The law requires advance notice and precise motives in order to encourage the opening of negotiations to find solutions,” he continued.

Tebboune called for "the non-dilution of the trade union role" and reaffirmed that "the timing of these strikes is not innocent.

“I have 50 years of experience in management and I cannot be convinced otherwise," he continued.

"Whoever wants to settle them must take the initiative to find definitive solutions. Anarchic strike is forbidden in certain public infrastructures and must be announced in advance to allow airlines or airports to take precautions such as informing travelers,” affirmed the head of State.

The Head of State deplores such a situation which leads citizens, especially the sick, to sleep on the ground in airports following the cancellation of their flights.


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President Tebboune calls Hirak salutary phenomenon, warns against any infiltration attempt