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President Tebboune: Amended Constitution to be submitted to referendum

Published on : Wednesday, 08 January 2020 19:13   Read : 141 time(s)
President Tebboune: Amended Constitution to be submitted to referendum

ALGIERS - President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who announced on Wednesday the creation of an Expert Committee in charge of drawing up proposals on the Constitution revision, decided to submit the amended Constitution to a referendum vote.

Through this decision, President Tebboune is working to fulfill one of his commitments made during his electoral campaign and respond to one of the main demands of the popular movement, said observers.

In a letter addressed to Ahmed Laraba, president of the Experts Committee in charge of making proposals on the Constitution revision, President Tebboune defined the main lines the Committee must follow in its reflection.

The Committee is required to submit a report and a draft constitutional law within a period of two months.

President Tebboune said that he has made of the Constitution amendment a “top priority” of his term. For him, the revision of the Constitution is the "foundation stone" for the construction of a new Republic in order to materialize the people’s demands expressed by the popular movement.

Once elaborated, the draft amendment of the Constitution will be subject to wide consultations with politicians and members of the civil society.

The draft amendment will follow the constitutional path en force, namely the Parliament then a public referendum.

Consistent with his commitments, the head of the State has entrusted the Expert Committee members with the elaboration of proposals around seven main lines; namely "strengthening the rights and freedoms of citizens", "the moralization of public life and the fight against corruption", "the consolidation of separation and 'balance of powers” and “strengthening the supervisory power of Parliament,” the "consolidation of the Judiciary independence," the "consolidation of equality before the law" and the "empowering election organization bodies with the Constitution."

 The Committee is also entrusted with studying and evaluating "all the aspects" of the organization and functioning of the State’s institutions and present to the president of the Republic proposals and recommendations which would serve as a basis to "consolidate the democratic order founded on political pluralism and alternation in power."

Through its proposals and recommendations, the Committee work will help "protect Algeria against any form of autocracy" and to ensure "a real separation and a better balance of powers by making the Government functioning more harmonious and by restoring the Parliament role of monitoring the Government’s action."

The Committee’s proposals are also intended to help "improve the guarantees of judges’ independence," "protect the citizens’ rights" and "moralize public life.

Abdelmadjid Tebboune was sworn in last December 19th after he has been elected President of the Republic in the Dec 12 election.

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President Tebboune: Amended Constitution to be submitted to referendum