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Algeria deserves from its children to remain "impenetrable fortress"

Published on : Friday, 06 December 2019 15:35   Read : 46 time(s)
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Algeria deserves from its children to remain "impenetrable fortress"

ALGIERS- Army Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People's National Army (ANP), said Friday in Oran that Algeria deserves from its children to remain "the impenetrable fortress," stressing that the presidential elections of December 12 will be "an electoral festival through which the popular will is going to be realized," said Friday the National Defence Ministry in a statement. 

 “We are also satisfied with the elements, units, Regions and Forces from whom we continue to require further efforts in the face of increasing challenges. Algeria deserves from its children, wherever they are, to remain impenetrable fortress,” particularly on the eve of the 12 December presidential election, a crucial and important deadline, which will, thanks to the help of Allah the Almighty, be an electoral festival, through which the popular will is going to be realized and which will give Algeria a new impetus," said the Lieutenant General who chaired a working meeting at the headquarters of the Region's Command on the 4th day of his visit to the 2nd Military Region.

At the beginning and after the welcoming ceremony, at the entrance to the headquarters of the Region's command, the Lieutenant General, accompanied by Major General Meftah Souab, Commander of the Region, observed a moment of silence and recited Fatiha of the Holy Quran on the soul of late Mujahid Boudjnane Ahmed known as "Si Abbès."

The Lieutenant General subsequently chaired a meeting with the Regional Command and Staff, the heads of the various security services, unit commanders and regional directors, where he received a comprehensive briefing on the general situation in the area of responsibility from the Commander of the Region, before giving a speech, through which he stressed "the need to redouble the laborious efforts to build a strong, modern and developed Army, whose cornerstone is the qualified, specialized human resource capable of assimilating new techniques and advanced technologies, up to the accelerated challenges."

"The achievements realized by the People's National Army, in the various fields, constitute our pride and deserve to be valued and praised," he said. 

"You are undoubtedly well aware, as managers, of these great achievements, and you must consider their positive impact on the military staff, all categories combined,"added the Deputy Minister of National Defence. 

"These achievements are indeed a source of satisfaction and motivation at the same time, and I myself praise the laborious, sustained and permanent efforts deployed by the Army detachments," he concluded. 

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Algeria deserves from its children to remain "impenetrable fortress"