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Presidential candidates pledge to fight corruption, bureaucracy

Published on : Friday, 06 December 2019 09:16   Read : 2 time(s)
Presidential candidates pledge to fight corruption, bureaucracy

ALGIERS- Presidential candidates pledged Thursday, the 19th day of the election campaign, to launch various socio-economic projects to meet the expectations of the citizens and get Algeria out of the current crisis, promising to remove bureaucratic impediments and fight corruption.

In the eastern province of Tebessa, where he staged a rally at the Mohamed Chebouki Palace of Culture, presidential candidate Ali Benflis denounced "the corrupt who have looted the country over the past decade," adding that "the latest trials show the extent of the harm they have caused."

The head of Talaie El Hourriyet party said he has a "socio-economic and political project to settle the crisis and shake Algeria off its painful past, pushing it forward to become a strong State."

Presidential candidate Abdelmadjid Tebboune, for his part, committed to "address the problems of development in the extreme southern regions and to create economic wealth and curb unemployment."

 Speaking in a rally in Illizi, in the country's extreme south, Tebboune promised to set up a new bank providing support to young people's projects, including start-ups, adding that he was ready to give a second chance to youths who have failed in projects carried out under the npublic employment support programme.

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In a rally in the country's eastern capital, Constantine, candidate Abdelaziz Belaid focused on Algerian experts based abroad, calling for creating "favorable conditions" for their return home so as they contribute to the country's development.

The secretary general of El-Moustakbal Front said the "building of a modern State is contingent on the development of scientific research and training of executives."

The presidential candidate Azzedine Mihoubi pledged to "place a great emphasis on the study of History in the education and cultural system, in the media and the Algerian famy life to build a generation proud of its memory and its heroes."

In a popular meeting in Setif (east), the candidate of the National Democratic Rally (RND) stressed the need to establish "the appropriate conditions, without bureaucracy, corruption and negative practices," for the creation of major economic centers, promising that if elected he would carry out several projects, including a great hospital and an Olympic stadium.

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Presidential candidates pledge to fight corruption, bureaucracy