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Second day of election campaign: Candidates defend free choice of citizen

Published on : Monday, 18 November 2019 21:00   Read : 2 time(s)
Second day of election campaign: Candidates defend free choice of citizen

ALGIERS-On the second day of the election campaign, candidates on Monday defended the principle of free choice of the citizen and mutual respect between those who are for and those who are against the organization of the December 12 election.

Candidate Ali Benflis said that the next President of the Republic might be "unifying" without "the exclusion and marginalization" of any party.

"The next elected President must bring together all Algerians, without exclusion, marginalization or nepotism and must listen to all parties, whether they are supporters or opponents," Benflis said at a meeting in Souk Ahras.

Talaie el Hourriyet Party President once again defended the option of the presidential election, arguing that it represents "the safest way to safeguard the country and ensure its stability.”

From Adrar, Abdelmadjid Tebboune said that the majority of Algerians were in favour of holding presidential elections because they are "aware of the danger that threatens a country that has remained without a president for nine months and fear, at the same time, a return to the scenario of the 1992 transition period.”

In this regard, he stressed the importance of electing a President of the Republic in order to "guarantee the change demanded by the people and save the country", reiterating the need to go to the polls on 12 December.

Tebboune also called for respect for the conviction of the citizen who rejects the Presidential election, but at the same time stressed that "no one has the right to prevent another citizen from voting and expressing his choice" on election day.

Holding a popular meeting in Blida, the other presidential candidate, Abdelkader Bengrina underlined the need to respect people who refuse to vote, calling on the media to reach out to them so that they can express their opinions and argue their positions, and, in turn, the latter must respect the opinions of people who are convinced of the importance of the presidential election.

The boycott of the election will lead the State and its institutions into the trap of foreign interference as has been the case in other countries, warned Bengrina.

In Ain Defla, Abdelaziz Belaid called on the Algerian people to unite and respect each other in order to move forward and therefore build the country, stressing that he ran for President with the faith to serve Algeria, not individually, but with the whole people.

In this regard, he underscored the need to dissect the current situation in the country in order to diagnose the social, economic, cultural and even historical "scourges" that have affected Algerian society, and subsequently address them

"Algeria contains wealth that guarantees a prosperous and dignified life for all the Algerian people,” affirmed Belaid.

Second day of election campaign: Candidates defend free choice of citizen