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Presidential election: Candidates must declare electoral campaigns’ financing sources

Published on : Saturday, 16 November 2019 10:07   Read : 51 time(s)
Presidential election: Candidates must declare electoral campaigns’ financing sources

ALGIERS- The five candidates to stand in the presidential election of 12 December are obliged to declare the financing sources of their electoral campaigns, in accordance with the provisions of the organic law on the electoral system, with a view to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process.

In this regard, the article 190 of the electoral system stipulates that the electoral campaigns are financed with sources coming from the contribution of political parties, State’s possible aid, and from the candidates’ revenues.

The article 191 of the same law forbids all candidates to receive directly or indirectly cash donations or any other contribution, regardless of its form, from a foreign State or a natural person or legal entity of a foreign nationality.

The expenditure of a campaign of a candidate to the presidential election may not exceed a ceiling of a hundred million dinars (DZD100,000,000) for the first round. This amount shall be raised to one hundred twenty million dinars (DZD120,000,000) in the second round, underlined the article 192.

In pursuance of article 193 of the same law, “all the candidates to the presidential election are entitled, within the real engaged expenses, to a flat-rate reimbursement estimated at 10%.”

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“The candidate to the presidential election or to the candidate list in the legislative elections must make out a campaign account that includes, according to their origin and nature, all the collected revenues and spending. This account, presented by an accountancy expert or an auditor, is sent to the Constitutional Council and the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANI),” said article 196.

The account of the elected President of the Republic is published in the Official Journal of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, according to the same article which underlines that the candidates’ accounts are deposited with the Constitutional Council.

In case of rejection of the electoral campaign account by the Constitutional Council, the refunds provided for by articles 193 and 195 of this organic law could not be made.  

In this regard, ANIE’s member Karim Khelfane pointed out that one of this Authority’s main missions is to make sure that the election is “democratic, transparent and clean,” adding that the Authority “commits to dwelling” on the issue of the origin of the electoral campaign’s financing.”

Last modified on Saturday, 16 November 2019 10:08
Presidential election: Candidates must declare electoral campaigns’ financing sources