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Fraud impossible in next presidential election

Published on : Friday, 04 October 2019 14:16   Read : 54 time(s)
Fraud impossible in next presidential election

ALGIERS-Chairman of the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE) Mohamed Charfi affirmed Friday that the measures to be taken in anticipation of the next presidential election and the computer system to be used to monitor the voters’ list “will make fraud impossible.”

In an interview with APS, Charfi stressed the effectiveness of the procedures for monitoring the Presidential elections on 12 December and affirmed that the IT system to be run by IT experts "will make fraud impossible.”  

"I do not think anyone would dare attempt fraud given the preventive procedures provided for this purpose,” said Charfi.

In order to ensure transparency and integrity in this election, several aspects of the election will be reviewed, through the adoption of new measures, like changing the minutes.

In response to a question about the exceptional revision of the voters' lists, launched on 22 September and until 6 October, the ANIE Chairman reported a "large turnout" of voters reflecting "their optimism about the upcoming election, which they consider as an opportunity not to be missed."

                 The 12 December presidential election, strong platform for future elections

The objective behind the upcoming presidential election is "above the conceptions of some individuals. It represents the basis for change in the regime that has consistently relied on corrupt methods and dispersed coalitions in the face of the primacy of narrow interests.”

Stressing that this approach is intended to be "one of the popular demands", Charfi said he was "fully convinced that this Authority is currently working to meet a fundamental claim expressed by the popular movement (Hirak) since 22 February, namely the enshrinement of popular sovereignty in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.”

He also urged all voters to participate in this "historic and crucial" event

“The future president must be able to take courageous decisions, and the citizen is urged to vote in favour of the person who seems competent and up to the task.”

In this regard, Charfi referred to the slogan to be adopted at the next election, namely "We demonstrated and let's vote." 

Referring to the differences between ANIE and its predecessor, the High Independent Election Monitoring Authority (HIISE), Charfi called the points of divergence between the two bodies "deep.”

The term "Authority" in itself contains regulatory and legal meanings of a binding nature, in addition to having a political dimension, whereas HIISE was a purely administrative body.

Last modified on Saturday, 05 October 2019 20:16
Fraud impossible in next presidential election

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