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Gaid Salah: Military institution will not allow anyone to damage Algeria's reputation

Published on : Tuesday, 27 August 2019 15:24   Read : 5 time(s)
Gaid Salah: Military institution will not allow anyone to damage Algeria's reputation

ALGIERS-The military institution “will not allow anyone to damage the reputation of Algeria” and “will strongly and rigorously face all hostile parties,” affirmed Tuesday in Oran Lieutenant General, Ahmed Gaid Salah, Deputy Minister for National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP).

Speaking at a speech broadcast to units of the Region via videoconference, the Army Chief of Staff emphasized the “immutable” positions of the military institution that “will strongly and rigorously face the band, its acolytes and those who revolve around it.”

“The ambitions of the band, its acolytes and those who revolve around it cannot be achieved because the military institution will surely and rigorously face these hostile parties, alongside with all patriots faithful and loyal to the oath of the valiant shouhada (martyrs), and will not allow anyone to damage Algeria’s reputations among nations, our glorious history and dignity of its authentic people,” affirmed Gaid Salah in his speech.

 “We tirelessly foil all the abject plans of these parties and mercenaries whose positions are more and more inconstant and contradictory because they are not the fruit of their own decisions but dictated by their masters. They also try to minimize Algeria’s role at the regional and international levels,” said Gaid salah.  

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“Algeria, a country-continent, is rich in its centuries-old history and known for its immutable positions and potential. Therefore, it does not need such persons but rather faithful patriots that act according to elaborated plans and abstain from thoughtless statements with unlikely consequences, while suggesting initiatives that serve the interest of the country and contribute to the current crsis settlement,” affirmed Gaid Salah.

Lieutenant General Gaid Salah recalled “the strong ties between the Algerian people and their Army, an aware and mature people that do not need the guardianship or orders from any party, a people that will freely and transparently choose their president.”

         Army will ensure border security, improvement of citizens’ living conditions

The Army Chief of Staff recalled that the People and the Army "faced together all difficulties and hardships, especially during the hard times that our country experienced because of barbaric terrorism, against which the People's National Army fought, following a farsighted and wise strategy, with the help of their brothers and sisters in other security forces and citizens.”

The Lieutenant General reiterated the Army’s “commitment to contributing effectively to overcoming this crucial phase of our country's history and to continuing its efforts to deal with all difficulties and obstacles, and neutralize all mines put by the band within institutions.”

In addition, Gaid Salah referred to "achievements in the southern regions of the country, thanks to the laborious efforts of the State and the Government’s action there to accelerate the pace of development and closely monitor the progress of key projects.”

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Gaid Salah: Military institution will not allow anyone to damage Algeria's reputation