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Political crisis: Civil Forum for Change proposes figures to lead mediation, dialogue  

Published on : Wednesday, 17 July 2019 16:31   Read : 29 time(s)
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Political crisis: Civil Forum for Change proposes figures to lead mediation, dialogue  

ALGIERS-President of the Civil Forum for Change (FCPC), Abderrahmane Arrar on Wednesday unveiled the list of national figures proposed by the Forum to lead mediation and dialogue, “once endorsed by the people and decision-makers.”

Speaking at a press conference, Arar said that “the Forum, which brings together 70 associations countrywide, has proposed a list of national figures which, once endorsed by the popular movement in the first instance and decision-makers, will lead mediation and dialogue. The list includes former officials, human rights activists, unionists, academics and members of the civil society. They agreed to assume this role.”

The proposed figures are mujaheeda  Djamila Bouhired, Former Foreign Minister and Diplomat Ahmed Taleb Ibrahimi, two former Heads of Government Mouloud Hamrouche and Mokdad Sifi, former Speaker of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House), Karim Younes, Lawyer Mustapha Bouchachi, Constitutionalist Fatiha Benabaou, university teachers Nacer Djabi and Smail Lalmas, unionist Ilyes Merabet, activist Nafissa Hireche and human rights activist Islam Benaya.

As regards the standards adopted in choosing these figures, Arar referred to “credibility, neutrality, rupture with the previous regime and participation in the popular movement. They must have no political ambition and must not be involved in corruption cases.”

In the same connection, he explained that “the proposal of this list aims at creating a climate of trust and serenity, and finding solution to the crisis.”

The proposal of this list is an independent initiative from the FCPC and that this “initiative results from the absence of dialogue mechanisms while the current situation requires a political solution that meets everyone’s expectations,” stressed Arar.

Once the procedures of trust and serenity have been successfully completed, we will focus on launching dialogue and in-depth consultations, with the participation of all, to draft a roadmap for solutions to the crisis facing the country, and then an inclusive national conference to adopt the results of this dialogue with guarantees and a commitment to implement them.

In addition, Arar stressed the importance of consensus in order to move towards a presidential election "as soon as possible" and then begin major reforms.

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Political crisis: Civil Forum for Change proposes figures to lead mediation, dialogue