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Government meeting: Several draft executive decrees adopted

Published on : Thursday, 02 May 2019 20:12   Read : 19 time(s)
Government meeting: Several draft executive decrees adopted

ALGIERS-The Government on Thursday held a meeting chaired by Prime Minister, Noureddine Bedoui, and adopted draft executive decrees. The participants listened to presentations on the sectors of Finance, Health, Transport and Higher Education, the Prime Ministry said in a communiqué.

At this meeting, the Government adopted the draft executive decree amending and supplementing Executive Decree 17-120 of 22 March 2017, setting the conditions and modalities for the recovery of fines and legal costs by the courts, said the source.

The PM issued instructions in which he called for "the contribution of all sectors to this approach aimed at rationalizing the use of public funds, through the establishment of a mechanism to prepare a study on the recovery of fines and taxes and all State-owned rights, in accordance with a new vision adapted to the current economic situation."

This mechanism "should be supervised by the Minister of Finance by the involving specialists and stakeholders in the recovery operation while taking into consideration successful international experiences in tax collection.”

It is also the imperative to include the preliminary draft local tax code in this vision, which values public goods, particularly local public goods, and increases their performance in terms of royalty collection," he continued.  

The Government has also approved the draft executive decree establishing the missions, organization and functioning of the National Pharmaceutical Products Agency (ANPP), which is responsible for "ensuring, in terms of health safety, the quality control and compatibility of pharmaceutical products and medical consumables with related expertise, as well as the verification and field inspection of pharmaceutical establishments".  

The Agency also contributes to "the definition of rules of good pharmaceutical practice and the development of the national nomenclature of pharmaceutical products and medical consumables, in addition to the lists of medicinal products reimbursable by social security.”

In this regard, the Premier stressed “the need for this agency to fully fulfil its role in regulating and organising the pharmaceutical products market, while preventing any shortage of medicines, particularly medicines for chronic diseases.

“We should also encourage domestic investment in the pharmaceutical industry so as to reduce the national deficit in this field and create jobs,” he continued.

With regard to the presentations made on this occasion, Minister of Finance's one focused on "measures to be taken to reduce the balance of payments deficit for the preservation of the country's foreign exchange reserves."

After hearing this presentation, the PM decided to "set up an inter-ministerial committee to examine all aspects of this issue. This committee will submit the results of its work to the next Council of Ministers, in view of the procedures to be adopted in the short and medium term."

The Government then heard the presentation by the Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform on "the partnership between the Health Sector and Algerie Telecom, aimed at promoting ICTs in the health sector and improving health services for the benefit of citizens.”

The Ministers of Public Works and Transport and Higher Education and Scientific Research made a presentation on the situation and restructuring plan of the National Maritime Higher School (ENSM), in accordance with the decisions of the last Government meeting.

On this occasion, Bedoui asked the ministers to "set up monitoring and follow-up committees at all ministerial departments for the rigorous implementation of programmes and decisions directly related to the needs of citizens' daily lives and the country's socio-economic goals.”

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Government meeting: Several draft executive decrees adopted