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Parliament in 2018: Important laws adopted, intense diplomatic activity

Published on : Monday, 31 December 2018 13:56   Read : 106 time(s)
Parliament in 2018: Important laws adopted, intense diplomatic activity

ALGIERS-Both Houses of the Algerian Parliament (the People’s National Assembly and the Council of the Nation) adopted many important laws in line with the country’s political and socioeconomic developments.  

The adopted laws are part of the Constitutional revision 2016. They include the law defining the modalities for the implementation of the exception of unconstitutionality.

Promulgated on last 2 September, this legal mechanism will be in force as from next March and was welcomed as a new milestone in the state of law and the preservation of citizens’ rights.

The country's supreme law stipulates that the Constitutional Council may be seized of an exception of unconstitutionality on a reference from the Supreme Court or the Council of State, when one of the parties to the proceedings claims before a court that the legislative provision on which the outcome of the dispute depends infringes on the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. In other words, it is a new provision that allows individuals to challenge the constitutionality of a legislative provision when they believe that it infringes on the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Parliament passed the law on the Algerian Academy of the Amazigh Language, a “historic” decision and “achievement” for experts who consider that this new institution completes the process to rehabilitate Tamazight in Algeria.

The new law on health was also adopted by the Lower House and the Council of the Nation. This new text fairly ensures health protection to all citizens and enshrines the principle of free care as an "irreversible achievement.”        

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This new law, which replaces the 1985 law, also aims to address the problems of organization and management of health facilities throughout the country.

The examination and adoption of this new health law coincided with cyclical strikes by resident doctors, which raised several demands, including the abolition of the compulsory nature of the civil service.

            Dozens of parliamentary friendship groups installed

MPs also passed important legislation during 2018, such as the law on Post and Electronic Communications, the law on E-Commerce, the Code of Criminal Procedure and the law on Personal Data Processing.

As regards parliamentary diplomacy, Parliament had intense activity through participation in various regional and international parliamentary forums to defend Algeria's interests and reiterate its consistent positions in support of just causes, notably the cause of the Palestinian people and the Sahrawi people's struggle for self-determination.

In addition, dozens of parliamentary friendship groups were installed with friendly and brotherly countries to deepen consultation on various regional and international issues of common interest.

Regarding the Council of the Nation, the year 2018 ended with the partial renewal of 48 seats. The FLN party won the majority (29 seats), followed by the RND with 11 seats.


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Parliament in 2018: Important laws adopted, intense diplomatic activity