Tamanrasset: Authorities closely follow situation in floods-hit In Guezzam

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Tamanrasset: Authorities closely follow situation in floods-hit In Guezzam

TAMANRASSET (Algeria)- The authorities are closely following the situation in the region of In Guezzam (420 km extreme south of Tamanrasset) and the flood stricken populations will be provided with necessary aid, said the Inspector General of the Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning Abderrahmane Sidini Monday in the administrative district of In Guezzam.

Over the past days, the south of Algeria, especially Tamanrasset has been hit by floods caused by heavy rain falls.

The Inspector General Sidini who met with local representatives and delegates of the civil society affirmed that "measures will be taken to care of the stricken populations."

 The mission of the inter-ministerial commissioned dispatched to the flood-hit region of In Guezzam, as decided by Interior Minister Noureddine Bedoui, was to "assess the situation on the ground and transmit the local population concerns to the authorities," said Sidini. 

The interior ministry official praised the intervention operations conducted by the various security forces, notably the People’s National Army (ANP).

Sidini also instructed the local technical commission to make rapidly a preliminary but a thorough evaluation of the situation.   

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Some 15 dwellings were damaged by the floods in In Guezzam, said the inter-ministerial commission which began its mission on Sunday. 

Governor of Tamanrasset Djilali Doumi has expressed strong willingness "to respond to the urgent concerns and address of the damages." 

The affected citizens have received food aid and blankets, and are to be given tents in the next few hours, he said. 

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Several urgent concerns were raised by the citizens during this meeting, namely the elaboration of a technical study to divert the flow of In Guezzam river water, the reinforcement of the Civil Protection units in human and material resources, the guarantee of medical care and the rehabilitation of drinking water and wastewater systems and roads. 

This commission is composed of executives from the Ministries of the Interior, Local Authorities, and National Planning, Water Resources, Transport and Public Works, Health, Population, and Hospital Reform, and Housing, Urban Planning and the City.

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Tamanrasset: Authorities closely follow situation in floods-hit In Guezzam