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Several illegal migration networks dismantled

Published on : Thursday, 22 March 2018 19:31   Read : 1 time(s)
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Several illegal migration networks dismantled

ALGIERS- Several illegal migration networks have been dismantled by security services and the involved persons have been brought before the court, said Thursday in Algiers Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning Noureddine Bedoui.

In reply to an oral question of Deputy Ameur Amar, Bedoui said that illegal migration from Algeria concerns a small category of Algerians compared to the large number of foreign illegal migrants present in Algeria.

"There are specialized networks behind this scourge," he said, adding that security services have dismantled many of them and brought the involved persons before the court.

"The Government has spared no effort in the fight and the prevention against the scourge," said Bedoui.

In this regard, he added that urgent mechanisms have been set up and a joint action plan has been developed with the different sectors and services concerned in order to thwart illegal migration attempts and prevent young people from risking their lives.

"To that end, several security and administrative measures have been taken, especially through security investigations, control of shops selling equipment used in the manufacturing of boats," said Bedoui. 

The minister added that public authorities have also adopted a strategy aiming at assisting young unemployed in their search for jobs, the creation of start-ups and the launch of investment projects.

As regards immigrants from Sahel countries, Bedoui said that these illegal migrants are forced to come to Algeria and to other countries looking for security and better living conditions.

The minister, however, deplored their exploitation by criminal networks, adding that this situation is "threatening our security and the stability of our society."

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Several illegal migration networks dismantled