Algeria has always been “pioneer” in building Africa’s unity and integration   

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Algeria has always been “pioneer” in building Africa’s unity and integration   

KIGALI-Representing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika at the African Union (UN) extraordinary Summit in Kigali, Premier Ahmed Ouyahia stressed that “Algeria has always been pioneer in building Africa’s unity and integration.”  

Since the struggle for national liberation, “Algeria has always been present and engaged in the events designed to build the African unity. Whether in the Casablanca Pan-African Conference or the AU first meeting, Algeria has always been pioneer and active builder of the unity and integrity of our continent,” said Ouyahia in speech delivered in camera during the extraordinary Summit devoted to the official launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

“With the same faith in the common fate of African peoples, Algeria joins the AfCFTA that will undoubtedly a positive impact,” stated Ouyahia.

“This new achievement will strengthen the efficiency of development, the corner stone of peace and security, and Africa’s role in negotiations on international trade, which do not always take into account the interests and rights of Africans.”

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The AfCFTA and related protocols on the free movement of persons and the single market of air transport in Africa will “be major advances towards the creation of the African Economic Community, decided in Abuja in 1991.”

“Our faith in our continent’s unity and integration, and our great respect for our African family urge us to address some national and international challenges, amid which Algeria contributes to the major Pan-African achievements the AU is about to make,” he continued.  

At the national level, "the sharp decline in oil price has impeded the two-decade development process led by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, which resulted in the recovery of peace and reconciliation, and achieved remarkable results.”

The Algeria's external balance of payments "faces a large recurring deficit over the last three years,” recalled the Premier.

Ouyahia also recalled “the universal transitional safeguard measures taken by Algeria to reduce the deficit of its trade and foreign payments balance, pursue economic development and preserve its financial independence.”

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Regionally, Premier referred to the emergence of terrorism, translational crime and illegal migration “hinder the free movement of individuals.”

Facing this situation, “Algeria does not spare any effort to provide its Sahel neighbours with multiform support to recover peace and security in this region,” affirmed Ouyahia.

Algeria “will pursue the fight against illegal emigration with humanism and consultation with countries of origin,” said Ouyahia.

For the Premier, the regional and national constraints “do not undermine my country’s willingness to be an original signatory of the documents relating to the AfCFTA and the opening of the air transport market in Africa.”

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Algeria has always been “pioneer” in building Africa’s unity and integration