President Bouteflika urges Algerians to contribute to country’s pluralist democratic movement  

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President Bouteflika urges Algerians to contribute to country’s pluralist democratic movement  

NAAAMA-President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Monday called Algerians to contribute to the pluralist democratic movement in the country and to place the Algerian people’s supreme interests above any other consideration.

In a message read on his behalf by Mujahedeen Minister Tayeb Zitouni on the occasion of the celebration of the Victory Day (19 March) at Ahmed Chami cultural centre in Naama, the Head of State stressed that “the political scene must be suffused with diversity, a confrontation of programmes and a race to power. Each Algerian must contribute to the pluralist democratic movement and place the supreme interests of the Algerian people above any other consideration.”   

As regards current challenges, President Bouteflika stressed the “need for our society to continue the promotion of the culture of rights and freedoms as well as the preservation of its collective and supreme interests.”

“I urged the children of my country to follow the example of our glorious shouhada (martyrs) and our brave mujahedeen (veterans), and to meditate on the events Algeria has overcome since the recovery of our independence and national sovereignty,” he continued.

“I am convinced that our country is able to surmount our current and temporary financial difficulties, unharmed and victorious,” stressed President Bouteflika.

“The Victory Day should inspire us other victories over underdevelopment, regression and division to overcome crisis and difficult situations through tightening ranks, mobilizing energies and following the example of our glorious predecessors, with a view preserving national unity and the sovereignty of our decisions in all areas, domestically and abroad,” said the Head of State.

Calling “memorable” the 19 March the Algerian people lived fifty-six years ago, the President Bouteflika said “this historic path, imbued with uprisings and struggle, led to a political maturity that forged a deep national awareness of the need for a great Revolution, hailed by the majority of peoples worldwide and glorified by the Algerian people.”

“Colonialism would not have accepted to sit around the negotiating table without the firmness of the Revolution and the faith of its leaders in the legitimate right of their people to freedom and independence,” affirmed the Head of State.

“Algerians can boast about their history and renew with self-confidence while being proud of their achievements. They must protect this prodigious legacy, on which depend their greatness, prosperity and ability to preserve their moral and materials rights.”  

For the Head of State, “the spirit of the November Revolution and the Algerian people’s commitment to a full independence helped Algeria progressively nationalize the wealth of its people, despoiled by colonialism, starting with agricultural lands, mines and finally hydrocarbons, an achievement that took fifteen years.”

“This high nationalist spirit was behind the success of the process to build Algeria and make an old underdeveloped colony a prosperous country in terms of knowledge, industrialization and socioeconomic progress. Independent Algeria is the fruit of the victorious November Revolution and the Victory Day we celebrate today,” said President Bouteflika.

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Recalling that “independent Algeria’s extraordinary process” was affected by global economic upheavals and a painful national tragedy,” the Head of State stressed that “the courageous Algerian people, driven by the spirit of November Revolution, managed to pool their energies and forces to resist and struggle for an independent Algerian State.”

The President of the Republic underlined “the crucial” role of mujahedeen and the People’s National Army (ANP), heir to the National Liberation Army (ALN) in the struggle and protection of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.   

“Inspired by our sacred values, Algeria resumed the construction process to make reconciliation prevail upon Fitna (discord) and the supreme interests of our country upon our personal interests,” said the Head of State.

“Facing the current oil price fluctuations worldwide, which resulted in the loss of half of Algeria’s external revenues, our country accommodates itself with the situation and seeks, under national sovereignty, to mobilize its capacities to surmount this difficult situation, maintain the construction process and move towards an economy less dependent on hydrocarbons,” concluded the Head of State.

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President Bouteflika urges Algerians to contribute to country’s pluralist democratic movement