Algeria will never be involved militarily in conflicts

Published on : Monday, 22 January 2018 13:52   Read : 1148 time(s)
Algeria will never be involved militarily in conflicts

ALGIERS- Algeria will never be involved militarily in conflicts in Sahel countries, said Monday Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel, underlining however the priority attached to the fight against terrorism in the region.

"Algeria will never be involved militarily in conflicts and everyone knows this. The fight against terrorism is a priority in the Sahel countries, Mali and Libya. We are the most concerned," Messahel told the National Radio station III.

"There are many ways to support our Libya and Malian brothers in the fight against terrorism. In the Sahel countries, for instance, we are doing a lot to strengthen the capacities, especially in Niger and Mali," he added.

In this regard, the Foreign minister explained that Algeria is providing substantial logistics and humanitarian support as well as training for elite troops in Niger, Mali and other countries in the region, especially for the fight against terrorism in Saharan territory."

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"We have released nearly US$100 million for aid and support over the past ten years. Algeria has provided its contribution as its security is at stake. We are doing it to preserve our country and as a duty of solidarity," said Messahel.

He also stressed the importance of counterterrorism, especially with the return of the fighters of Daesh terrorist group to different countries, adding that Algeria, which is surrounded by many regions of crises and unrest, has maintained high level of vigilance.

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"We are surrounded by many regions of instability and it is obvious that our Army is being deployed along our borders to defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity," he said, paying tribute to the efforts of the People's National Army in the protection of national territory.

As regards the situation in Libya and Mali, the minister said that counterterrorism is cause for major concern for Algeria as well as for all countries of the region and even for the international community.

"The solution to the crisis is in the hands of Libyans in Libya and Malians in Mali, while the international community can only provide support," he added.

"We are making every effort for the restoration of peace and stability in Libya and Mali," said Messahel, adding that the absence of a strong state with strong institutions would open way to terrorism and the return of foreign fighters.

In this respect, he reiterated the importance of "political solution" as the only means to preserve the unity and territorial integrity of these countries, stressing the need to build strong institutions, especially a unified army, to address security challenges.

The minister also called for the implementation of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement in Mali, which stemmed from Algiers Process, with a view to countering large-scale trafficking, terrorism and organized crime.

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Algeria will never be involved militarily in conflicts