Macron for partnership of equals with Algeria

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Macron for partnership of equals with Algeria

ALGIERS- French President Emmanuel Macron called for new relations with Algeria based on a "partnership of equals" and for strong cooperation between the two countries in the Mediterranean, with an extension towards Africa.

"The new relations that I want to build with Algeria and that I propose to Algerians are based on a partnership of equals, frankness, reciprocity and ambition," said the French president in an interview with El Watan daily published Wednesday.

"France has to build a strong cooperation with Algeria in the Mediterranean region, with an extension towards Africa," he stressed.

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"The objectives of our relations must be particularly our security and our prosperity through concrete and new projects," he added.

Algeria is a key trade partner for France, said Macron, recalling that the French non-hydrocarbon investments in Algeria hit €2.3 billion.

"If the projects underway were achieved these investments would significantly increase in the coming years," he added.

The French companies investing in Algeria for the long term are operating in line with Algeria's priorities: producing in Algeria with Algerian products, i.e. with a high local integration rate, and by providing expertise and technologies for the creation of jobs and contributing to the diversification and development of the Algerian economy, he explained.

As regards the memory issue and to the question of whether he maintains the expression of "crime against humanity" regarding French colonization, Macron said "my convictions have not changed."

"I am from a generation of French who consider that the crimes of European colonization are undeniable and are part of our history," said the French president, underlining however the need to move forward and build a common future.

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With regard to the fight against terrorism in the Sahel, Macron said that it is in the interest of both France and Algeria to "work for the stability in the region and to combat terrorist groups, which targeted our two countries several times."

He added that he "seeks full cooperation with all those who aim to achieve sustainable peace in Mali, and I am expecting a lot from Algeria in this regard."

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To a question about the Libyan crisis, Macron underlined that France and Algeria "fully support" the United Nations mediation, stressing the need "to convince all the stakeholders that the only possible solution to the crisis in that country is political."

In this regard, he said that Algeria is playing an important role through the working group with Tunisia and Egypt, with the aim to have a constructive role and support the UN mediation.

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Macron for partnership of equals with Algeria