Over 690 complaints since beginning of voting

Published on : Thursday, 23 November 2017 19:55   Read : 1420 time(s)
Over 690 complaints since beginning of voting

ALGIERS- More than 690 complaints have been recorded from the beginning of voting until 4 p.m., said Thursday the chairman of the High Independent Authority for Election Monitoring (HIISE), Abdelwahab Derbal, adding that these complaints have not affected the smooth conduct of the local elections.

"Voting is running smoothly," Derbal told the press at HIISE headquarters, underlining the presence of many observers representing political parties at the polling stations, "which is very reassuring," he said.

"HIISE services have received 690 complaints, 313 of which required direct interventions," said Derbal.

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He added that the number of complaints recorded so far was "acceptable" compared with the large number of candidates running in these elections (180,000 candidates) and 60,000 polling stations.

"These complaints have had no impact on the voting operation," said Derbal, adding that there were some infringements that would be notified to public prosecutors.

These infringements were recorded in the provinces of Ghardaia (2), El Oued (2), Bordj Bou Arreridj (1), Oran (1), Batna (1) and Tlemcen (1), he said.


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Over 690 complaints since beginning of voting